#193 — March 2, 2018

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Database Weekly

Queryparser: A Tool for Parsing and Analyzing SQL — When Uber needed to identify every foreign-key relationship in a complex data warehouse, it built an SQL query parser and analyzer which it has open sourced.

Uber Engineering

Weighing Open Source's Worth for the Future of Big Data — Open source has had a huge role to play in the development of big data technology, and nowadays groundbreaking data products are most likely to debut as open source.


Introduction to InfluxDB and TICK Stack — Learn how to get up and running with the fastest growing open source TSDB.

InfluxData sponsor

Bringing GPUs To Bear on 'Bog Standard' Relational Databases — GPU accelerated databases have mostly been distinct from traditional database systems so far, but now there are efforts to bring CPU acceleration to MariaDB and PostgreSQL analytical workloads .

Timothy Prickett Morgan

And a few news items..

Memcrashed: memcached Abused for Huge New DDoS Attacks — If you have a memcached server sitting around, check its security ASAP.


PostgreSQL 10 Now Supported on Amazon RDS

Amazon Web Services

MongoDB 4.0 Will Support Multi-Document, ACID Transactions

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A Large Scale, Production NoSQL Database Migration — How (and why) AppsFlyer migrated from Couchbase to Aerospike without everything blowing up.

Ido Barkan

How We Wronged Neo4j and PostgreSQL: ArangoDB Updates Its Benchmarks — ArangoDB recently published benchmarks comparing Neo4j, Ppstgres, MongoDB, OrientDB & ArangoDB, but has had to make some updates.


Three Approaches to PostgreSQL Replication and Backup

Ozgun Erdogan

Transferring SQL Server Database Data to MySQL using .NET Core

Talking Dotnet

TiDB: Performance-Tuning a Distributed NewSQL Database

Jinpeng Zhang

Using Amazon Athena and QuickSight for ALB-ELB Access Log Analysis

Victor Grenu

MongoDB Tutorial Series: How to Develop an Effective Indexing Strategy

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The Rise of the Distributed SQL Database

PJ Hagerty

I Wanna Go Fast: Why Searching Through 500M Pwned Passwords Is So Quick — It basically involved ditching the database.

Troy Hunt

What I Learnt Building 3 Apps on an Embedded Key Value Store — Namely BoltDB, a Go-based key/value database.

Anthony Alaribe

How MongoDB's Query Planner Works — How does plan selection in MongoDB compare to in relational databases?

Miguel Angel Nieto