#194 — March 9, 2018

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Database Weekly

Anna: A Key-Value Store For Any Scale — A look at an interesting key/value database out of Berkeley promising “phenomenal speed and buttery smooth scaling” and an “unprecedented range of consistency guarantees”.

It’s only an academic prototype for now, but a new version called Bedrock is underway and will, eventually, be open sourced. When it is, we’ll let you know.

Joseph M. Hellerstein

Translate SQL From One Dialect to Another — While SQL has been standardized numerous times, its implementation does tend to vary, so this tool provides an interesting way to see the differences on your own queries.

Lukas Eder

MongoDB Tutorial Series: How to Develop an Effective Indexing Strategy — Performance tuning a dark art? Not with us. Grab your free MongoDB tutorial on high-speed indexing strategies from Studio 3T. Learn the fast way how you can prevent slow and long-running queries.

Studio 3T sponsor

Distributed Transactions and Why You Should Care — An interesting explanation of what distributed transactions are about, why they matter, and some techniques that make them possible.

Pritam Roy

MarketStore, a Financial Time-Series Database, Now Open Source — A database server optimized for financial time-series data written in Go. GitHub repo.


Hops Hadoop: Hadoop, but with Distributed Metadata — A new distribution of Hadoop that adds a scale-out distributed metadata layer to remove the metadata bottleneck in HDFS. GitHub repo.

Logical Clocks AB

And a few news items..

Confluent Adds KSQL Support to Kafka Platform


Postgres in The Cloud Front and Center.
Register Now — Boston, June 5 & 6

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Ben Lorica on What to Expect at the Strata Data Conference — The popular data-oriented O’Reilly conference is back in San Jose this month. Themes will include the growth of Spark, machine learning, and privacy and ethics.


IBM's Experimental Geospatial Analytics Service — For capturing the value of place and time with geospatial-temporal insights.

IBM Research

Introducing SQL Information Protection for Azure SQL Database — Advanced capabilities for discovering, classifying, labeling, and protecting sensitive data in your databases.


A Comparison of Window Functions and CTEs in MySQL vs MariaDB — How two new technologies compare in the MySQL family of databases.

Shree Nair

Choosing a MySQL High Availability Solution

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How the Ties.DB Database Uses Blockchain Technology


Postgres 10: A Great New Version for a Great Database

Reuven M. Lerner

db.vim: A Modern Database Interface for Vim — A Vim plugin for interacting with MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, Redis and SQLite. You can also build your own adapters.

Tim Pope

Vicentiu Ciorbaru talking about query optimization

▶  Let's Talk Database Optimizers — A brief 15-minute talk from Vicentiu Ciorbaru, a software engineer at the MariaDB Foundation, looking at new developments in optimizers.