#195 — March 16, 2018

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Database Weekly

Top 10 SQL Dialect Emulations Implemented in jOOQ — An interesting look at 10 ways various database implementations deviate from the SQL standard including WITH TIES, FETCH, and DISTINCT.


3 Database Modelling Anti-Patterns — Looking into some classic anti-patterns: entity attribute values, multiple values in a single column, and how using UUIDs can be an anti-pattern too.

Dimitri Fontaine

JackDB: A Modern Database Client — JackDB is a web-based database client with built-in tools for security and collaboration. Sign up for a free trial today.

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Stack Overflow Users' Database Preferences — Stack Overflow’s 2018 survey results are out with MySQL and SQL Server being the most popular databases in use, Redis the most loved, IBM Db2 the most ‘dreaded’, and MongoDB the one most non-users want to learn next.

Stack Exchange

The most loved databases as voted by Stack Overflow users

▶  The Time Series Database Lectures — Fascinating set of 6 lectures from the end of 2017 covering InfluxDB, time series analytics, TimescaleDB & more.

Carnegie Mellon University

HeidiSQL: A Native Windows App for Database Work — If you’re on Windows and use MySQL, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL, HeidiSQL is a handy, open source database management tool.

Ansgar Becker

Using the Serverless Cloud for ETL Scenarios — An amazingly thorough walkthrough / tutorial covering a real world scenario of using Azure Functions to process a CSV file and import data into Azure SQL.

Jeremy Likness

ClickHouse: Open-Source Distributed Column-Oriented DBMS — An open-source column-oriented database management system that allows generating analytical data reports in real time. GitHub repo.


Top 3 New Features in Apache Spark 2.3 — Continuous streaming, Kubernetes support, and Python support for vectorized user defined functions.

Alex Woodie

SelectStar: Turn Database Monitoring Information into Actionable Insight

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Introducing MongoDB Weekly — We've got a new newsletter covering the vast ecosystem surrounding the most popular non-relational database.


Updating a 50 Terabyte PostgreSQL Database

Reinier Haasjes

MySQL Security for Real Users

Giuseppe Maxia

🛠  Tips & Tutorials

Loading Terabytes of Data from Postgres into BigQuery


Detect Sensitive Information in NoSQL Documents Automatically with Couchbase Functions — Uses a new ‘Eventing’ service in the latest Couchbase Server 5.5.

Nic Raboy

Creating a Data Redaction Capability to Meet GDPR Requirements — The General Data Protection Regulation is a new EU law for data protection.

Marc Linster and Renee Deger

All The Ways You Can Corrupt an SQLite Database File


Database Normalization and Primary Keys

Dimitri Fontaine

🔧  Tools & Code

Beaker: A Distributed, Transactional Key-Value Store — Written in Scala.

Ashwin Madavan

redis-cell: A Redis Module That Provides Rate Limiting Functionality


Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo

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✨  Golden Oldies

▶  SQLite: The Database at the Edge of the Network — A great view into SQLite’s history and situations where it shines.
Dr. Richard Hipp

▶  How Modern SQL Databases Come Up with Algorithms You Never Dreamed Of
Lukas Eder

How to Pivot Data Rows-to-Columns with SQL
Markus Winand

Real-Time Deduping At Scale with Redis
Tapjoy Engineering