#196 — March 23, 2018

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Database Weekly

User-Defined Order in SQL — If your app has a type of item that can be arbitrarily reordered by users (e.g. a list of ‘to do’ items), this guide on ways to model that concept in SQL should prove interesting especially as it considers using fractions to do it.

Joe Nelson

Breaking a Trillion-Rows-Per-Second with MemSQLMemSQL is a proprietary, high performance real-time SQL database and a 9 server cluster with 448 total cores has managed to scan a trillion rows per second during queries.

Eric Hanson

Learn MySQL Optimization From the Experts with Percona’s eBook Series — The content in this eBook will enable you to troubleshoot and optimize your own database performance.

Percona sponsor

A Single-Node Hadoop 3 Install Guide — Want to explore Hadoop 3 without having a huge cluster to hand? You can do it on a single machine, as here.

Mark Litwintschik

JSON Comes to CockroachDB — CockroachDB is an open source distributed SQL database and it has just introduced Postgres-like JSONB support.

Justin Jaffray

Why a Picture of Scarlett Johansson Got a Postgres Database to Start Mining Cryptocurrency — A payload was boiled into a photo which when stored and then accessed in a certain way led to a security issue.


▶  Redis' Creator on Writing System Software — The creator of Redis is producing a series of YouTube videos where he digs into implementation details of the popular data structure server.

Salvatore Sanfilippo

Why Should I Use a Time Series Database?

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InfluxData Working on a Go(lang) Implementation of Apache Arrow — Arrow is a columnar in-memory data storage system and InfluxDB is keen to use it so have been working on a Go implementation - here’s why and how.

Stuart Carnie

🛠  Tips & Tutorials

Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL: What You Should Know — A high-level overview of what you need to know if you are considering migrating your database from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Brian Fehrle

Encouraging Minimal SQL Privileges — A call to encourage open source projects to only make users give apps the minimum privileges needed to operate.

Louis-Philippe Véronneau

🔧  Tools & Code

Correlate Request Traces, Metrics, and Logs. Try Datadog Free

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The Dejavu Elasticsearch Web UI

Dejavu: The 'Missing' Web UI for Elasticsearch — A 100% client-side rendered, modern Web UI for Elasticsearch.


Azure Cosmos DB Query Cheat Sheets — Printable PDF cheat sheets that helps you use Azure Cosmos DB’s SQL, MongoDB, Graph, and Table APIs.

Microsoft Azure

RediSearch: A Full Text Search Module for Redis

Redis Labs Modules

Golden Oldies Worth Revisiting ✨

Efficient Pagination of a Table with 100M Records using SQL
Viach Kakovskyi

Say No to Venn Diagrams When Explaining JOINs
Luka Seder

Why SQL Is Beating NoSQL, and What This Means for The Future of Data
Ajay Kulkarni