#197 — March 30, 2018

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ArangoDB Reaping the Fruits Of Its Multi-Modal Labor — ArangoDB is an open source NoSQL database that offers a key/value store, graph database and document database all in one.


Chaos Tools and Techniques for Testing the TiDB Distributed NewSQL Database — ‘Chaos’ testing is the idea of simulating random failures and seeing how resilient systems stand up to it. This post looks at how PingCAP uses chaos tools and techniques to test TiDB, its distributed, open source SQL database.

Siddon Tang

Does Graph Database Success Hang on Query Languages?“Just think what kind of power any vendor could have over the industry if they got to control SQL, and you will begin to see why the battle for graph query language is important.”

George Anadiotis (ZDNet)

Go Deep into Today’s Modern Data Tier to See the Root of the Problem Fast — SelectStar’s advanced analytics provide in-depth query metrics such as latency, prepared statements and requests to help you see where stumbling blocks may be lurking so you can quickly and effectively troubleshoot slow queries and improve performance.

SelectStar sponsor

▶  PostgreSQL at 20TB and Beyond: Analytics at a Massive Scale — A talk on how Postgres is being used to do near-real-time analytics on 400TB of high velocity data. 30 minutes.

Chris Travers

CockroachDB 2.0 Performance Makes Significant Strides — Learn which performance metrics matter, why to demand benchmark TPC-C results under serializable isolation, and how CockroachDB 2.0’s performance compares to 1.1.

Andy Woods

KSQL in Action: Enriching CSV Events with Data from RDBMS into AWS — How to use Apache Kafka and KSQL to join data from sources including CSV and RDBMS (such as MySQL) and stream it to targets such as AWS S3.

Robin Moffatt

Oracle Aims to Automate the Data Warehouse — Oracle wants to provide higher-level PaaS services (e.g. for machine learning) on top of its data infrastructure.

George Leopold

Making Hadoop Relatable Again — Is the key to Hadoop’s future to make it look more like a relational database?


PostgreSQL Begins Landing LLVM JIT Support For Faster Performance

Michael Larabel

Free Online Course: Learn the Essentials of Database Administration in MongoDB

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How to Investigate MongoDB Query Performance — Learn how to find slow-performing, cost-intensive queries and glean important statistics.

Phil Factor

Database Load Balancing for MySQL and MariaDB with ProxySQL — ProxySQL is a lightweight yet complex protocol-aware proxy that sits between MySQL clients and servers.


Behind The Scenes of A Database-as-a-Service Provider — An interview with JawsDB founder and owner John Willman.

David Smooke

Prevent Slow Queries with Smart Indexing Strategies from Studio 3T

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Data Collection Tools for Events Analytics — A brief look at some top tools you can use to collect event data into an SQL warehouse.

Artyom Keydunov