#198 — April 6, 2018

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Database Weekly

CockroachDB 2.0 Released — CockroachDB is an open source, distributed SQL database. 2.0 brings support for ‘semi-structured’ data via JSON, as well as increased throughput and lower latency on TPC-C. GDPR compliance tools have also been added.

Nate Stewart

A Browser-Based MongoDB Playground — Inspired by similar ‘playgrounds’ for Golang or JavaScript, this page lets you play with a MongoDB database from your browser. It’s open source if you want to run your own instance (internally, say).

Adrien Petel

Introduction to InfluxDB and TICK Stack — Learn how to get up and running with the fastest growing open source TSDB (time-series database).

InfluxData sponsor

Give Meaning to 100 Billion Analytics Events a Day — A case study of using Kafka, Dataflow and BigQuery to ingest and transform a large stream of events.

Alban Perillat-Merceroz

Using Neo4j-GraphQL to Serve a GraphQL Endpoint Directly from Neo4j — Turn the popular Neo4j graph database into a GraphQL server.

William Lyon

Dynimize: Speeding up MySQL with CPU Performance Virtualization? — Currently in beta, this page goes into depth on how it works and what it does. An intriguing concept.

Dynimize, Inc.

Postgres Vision: Join Us in Boston, June 5 & 6 — Deploying Postgres in the cloud, the changing role of the DBA, moving Oracle workloads to the cloud, and more.

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ETL vs ELT: Considering the Advancement of Data Warehouses“With the advent of modern cloud-based data warehouses, such as BigQuery or Redshift, the traditional concept of ETL is changing towards ELT – when you’re running transformations right in the data warehouse.”

Artyom Keydunov

Hit The Ground Running with Vue.js and Firestore — Firestore is a new data storage approach from Google Firebase.

Lukas Van Driel

Behind on Preparing for GDPR? 3 Things to Prioritize — The May 25, 2018 GDPR deadline is quickly approaching and has major data usage implications if you’re in the EU or do business there.

Mika Javanainen

Anna: A KVS for Any Scale — We featured Anna a month ago but this reflects further on its implementation.

Adrian Colyer

Improving HBase Backup Efficiency at Pinterest

Lianghong Xu

MongoDB 4.0 Will Support Multi-Document, ACID Transactions

mongodb sponsor

MapD Cloud: A New GPU-Accelerated Analytics Platform

Todd Mostak

New Annotated Config Files for Postgres 10 — Understand PostgreSQL’s config files better with resources including a CSV file covering all 269 postgresql.conf settings.

Josh Berkus

Introducing the Google Analytics Sample Dataset for BigQuery — A dataset for gaining experience with analyzing analytics data with BigQuery.