#199 — April 13, 2018

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Database Weekly

EdgeDB: A New Beginning — An introduction to EdgeDB, a new open-source object-relational database, which will have its first public tecnhology preview in a few weeks.

Yury Selivanov and Elvis Pranskevichus

When Using Bind Variables Isn't Enough: Dynamic 'IN' Lists — Using bind variables is nearly always a good idea when working with SQL but sometimes they don’t always hit the mark, as demonstrated here.

Lukas Eder

Learn MySQL Tuning From the Experts with Percona’s eBook Series — With direction from the experts at Percona, you will be empowered to tune your MySQL settings and parameters to improve application response time and optimize overall database performance.

Percona sponsor

GPU Databases Are Coming of Age — GPUs are powering a new generation of databases. What’s so special about them and can they come into their own?


My Favorite Postgres Queries and Why They Matter — An interesting combination of queries the author has found to be interesting/engaging to explore, study, and learn from.

Joshua Otwell

Things You Cannot Say on Facebook, SQL Edition — If you want to share SQL queries over Facebook at Work, you might encounter problems.

Kristian Köhntopp

Fast-Paced Authoritative MMO Data-Models — A look at state synchronization across connected virtual-worlds which moves into explaining why Yugabyte is a good choice for the task.

Pritam Roy (Yugabyte)

📢 News, Articles and Tutorials

Apache Hadoop 3.1.0 Released

Apache Foundation

Convince Your Boss to Send You to Postgres Vision in Boston — Get your justification letter and register today.

Postgres Vision 2018 sponsor

Why SQL Bind Variables are Important for Performance

Lukas Eder

Full Text Searching Linux Man Pages with Elasticsearch and Ruby

Lazarus Lazaridis

Garbage Collection Tuning for Apache Cassandra

Jon Haddad

Whitepaper: Design Highly Available Open Source Database Environments

Severalnines sponsor

The Cure for Chaos: Automating Your Data Pipeline


The 'Ultimate' Postgres vs MySQL Blog Post

Dian M Fay

🛠 Code and Tools

TextQL: Execute SQL Against Structured Text Like CSV or TSV — Under the hood it pulls in a CSV to SQLite and runs queries against that.

Paul Bergeron

Updated SQL Server Extension for Visual Studio Code — Turns VS Code into a powerful T-SQL development environment. It’s also celebrating 1 million installs overall.


OmniDB 2.7 Released: A Browser-Based Database Management Tool — Originally just for Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, and Oracle support has been introduced.


js-mysql: Execute JavaScript Within SQL Queries on MySQL — A shared library you can pull into MySQL at run-time to execute JavaScript from queries.

Ayoub Serti

IOWOW: A C11 Skiplist-Based Persistent Key/Value Storage Engine

Softmotions Ltd

Hazelcast Jet 0.6: The Embeddable, Stream and Batch Processing Engine — Embeds the Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid for high performance distributed data processing on the JVM.

Can Gencer

Redi/S: A Redis Server Implementation in Swift, using SwiftNIO — Only supports about a third of Redis’ functionality so far.

The Noze Consortium