#200 — April 20, 2018

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Database Weekly

Apple Open Sources FoundationDB — FoundationDB is a mature, distributed key-value datastore with fully global, cross-row ACID transactions. People on HN are very excited about this development with one commenter saying FoundationDB is “the greatest piece of software I’ve ever worked on or used.” GitHub repo.

Apple, Inc.

MySQL 8.0 Released: What's New? — A pretty huge release for the popular SQL database which gains a lot of new features from window functions and common table expressions (CTEs) to remote management, improved JSON support, and improved performance. Note that the MariaDB fork has had most of the new features for a while now.

MySQL Server Team

Get Optimised MongoDB Query Performance with Studio 3T — Read the latest article in our new tutorial series on MongoDB performance with a piece on the powerful Profiler, and discover how the explain method can be an indispensable tool to improve queries and commands.

Studio 3T sponsor

Postgres as the Substructure for IoT and the Next Wave of Computing — How PostgreSQL accidentally became the ideal platform for IoT apps & services.

Ajay Kulkarni

An Overview of MySQL 8.0's Document Store — MySQL 8.0 is out and includes a new ‘document store’ which essentially brings NoSQL/document-oriented features to MySQL.

Mike Frank

Presto Use Surges, Qubole FindsPresto is a distributed in-memory SQL query engine originally developed by Facebook and released in 2013 to be a faster and more flexible alternative to Apache Hive.


Developments in High-Volume Processing with PostgreSQL — A run down of the major performance improvements in recent Postgres releases and what each means.

Adrien Nayrat

Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL Now Generally Available — Backed by Google’s 24x7 SRE team, high availability with automatic failover, and SLA.

Google Cloud Platform

CockroachDB Claims to Be 10x More Scalable Than Amazon Aurora for OLTP Workloads — Tested at 10x more TPC-C throughput, specifically.

Arjun Narayan

Getting Started with Python and InfluxDB

InfluxData sponsor

How to Make Your MySQL or MariaDB Database Highly Available on AWS and Google Cloud

Krzysztof Ksiazek

Orchestrating Stateful Apps with Kubernetes StatefulSets and YugaByte DB

Sid Choudhury

The Big Data Analytics of F1 Racing — Data analytics is key in Formula 1 motor-racing with the huge amounts of telemetry received from the cars.


Give Meaning to 100 Billion Events a Day - The Analytics Pipeline at Teads — How one team orchestrates Kafka, Dataflow and BigQuery together to ingest and transform a large stream of events.

Alban Perillat-Merceroz

Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo

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AskXML: Run SQL Statements on XML Documents (from Python)

Maciej Kozik