#202 — May 4, 2018

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eBay Open Sources 'The Accelerator', a Fast Data Processing Tool — Designed for processing terabytes of data at high speed on a single machine, The Accelerator has, till now, been used for working with huge log files at companies like Starbucks, Vodafone, and eBay itself.

Berkeman, Drougge and Hörberg

TiDB 2.0 Released: A Go-Powered Analytics Database — TiDB is a MySQL protocol-compatible, distributed database focused on OLTP and OLAP applications. They’ve also released TiSpark, a Spark plug-in to leverage SparkSQL with TiKV for processing complex OLAP queries in real-time.


Why Should I Use a Time Series Database? — Learn about the benefits of using a purpose-built time series database.

InfluxData sponsor

Previewing Elasticsearch 6.3's SQL Feature — The popular document database and search server Elasticsearch is gaining support for SQL in its next version, but how will it work?

Mustafa Akin

A Look at MyRocks' PerformanceMyRocks is a storage engine for MySQL that uses RocksDB, a high performance, SSD-optimized key-value store.

Vadim Tkachenko (Percona)

How Netflix Optimized Flink for Massive Scale on AWS — Apache Flink is an open source streaming processing platform and Netflix uses it to process data about subscribers’ viewing sessions.


Tile38: A Geospatial Database, Spatial Index, and Realtime Geofence — Built in Go, Tile38 is an in-memory geolocation data store that supports a variety of object types including lat/lon points, bounding boxes, XYZ tiles, Geohashes, and GeoJSON.

Josh Baker

Get Optimised MongoDB Query Performance with Studio 3T — Read the latest article in our tutorial series on MongoDB performance which focuses on the Profiler and more.

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The Elo Rating System Implemented in a Single SQL SELECT — The Elo rating system is a way to calculate player skill levels in games like chess, and if you like seeing lengthy, powerful SQL queries, this is for you.

Elliot Chance

Hadoop 3: Comparison with Hadoop 2 and Spark

Igor Bobriakov

Beware (Sort-Of) Ambiguous Column Names in SQL Sub-Selects

Don Seiler

Modern Distributed Application Deployment with Kubernetes and MongoDB Atlas

mongodb sponsortutorial

Architecture of a High Performance GraphQL to SQL Server


How Algolia Built Their Realtime Search as a Service Product — An interview-led article about Algolia, the search-as-a-service platform.


▶  How to Turn GDPR Into a Strategic Advantage using Connected Data — Using the Neo4j graph database, specifically.

Joe Depeau (Neo4j)

ora_migrator: Moving From Oracle to Postgres Even Faster — Want to migrate an Oracle database to Postgres with a single SQL query?

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

AntsDB: A Low Latency, High Concurrency, MySQL Compliant SQL Layer for HBase

Water Guo

Neo4j Bloom: Codeless Graph Data Visualization — The latest product from the Neo4j team. A neat looking tool but not available until June and it requires Neo4j Enterprise Edition.

Jeff Morris (Neo4j)