#203 — May 11, 2018

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Database Weekly

SQLite to Gain 'UPSERT' Functionality — A draft of how SQLite will introduce support for allowing INSERTs to turn into updates if the INSERT would violate a uniqueness constraint (essentially ‘update or insert’).


Amazon Aurora Backtrack: Turn Back Time in Aurora — AWS’s high performance MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible database gains an ‘undo’ feature that lets you ‘rewind’ your database by a certain number of hours (up to 72).

Jeff Barr

Using MySQL for Distributed Database Architectures — See how you can use MySQL to engineer distributed multi-node systems in this 45 min webinar with Percona, CEO, Peter Zaitsev.

Percona sponsor

Avoiding 'OR' for Better Query Performance — A look at different kinds of queries using SQL’s OR and how to rewrite them without OR for better performance.

Laurenz Albe

RadonDB: A MySQL-Compatible Fully Distributed Cloud Database — A new open source, cloud-native database that supports distributed transactions and automatic table sharding.


Cloud Memorystore: A Fully Managed In-Memory Data Store Service for Redis — Google has made a public beta of a highly available, fully-managed Redis 3.2.11-compatible service available. It supports instances of up to 300GB.

Google Cloud Platform

Self-Driving Databases are Coming: What Next for DBAs? — What do ‘autonomous databases’ that self repair, patch, back up, and optimize themselves mean for DBAs in the future?

Maria Colgan (Oracle)

It's The Future (for Databases) — What does the future hold for databases? It may or may not have something to do with Postgres.

Craig Kerstiens

MySQL 8.0: InnoDB Now Supports Instant ADD COLUMN

MySQL Server Team

Free Whitepaper: MySQL on Docker — Learn how to containerize your MySQL database.

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All You Need to Know About MongoDB on Google Cloud

Raju Dawadi

Continuously Deploying Elasticsearch on Kubernetes

Yann Simon

Improving Response Latency in Elasticsearch with Adaptive Replica Selection

Lee Hinman

Lucidchart’s Database Migration to Amazon AuroraAurora is AWS’s MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible relational database service.


Khan Academy's New Data Pipeline Management Platform Explained

Ragini Gupta

▶  A Technical Overview of Azure Cosmos DB — How to get started building ‘planet-scale’ apps with Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft’s multi-model database.

Andrew Liu and Ram Krishnamurthy

Six Reasons Why Enterprises Need a Modern Data Integration Architecture


Email Course: Introduction to Change Streams in MongoDB

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csvs-to-sqlite: Convert CSV Files Into a SQLite Database — A tool written in Python.

Simon Willison tools

go-mysql-elasticsearch: Sync MySQL Data into Elasticsearch

Liu Tang tools