#207 — June 8, 2018

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Talks from RedisConf 2018

▶  Talks from RedisConf 2018, the Redis User Conference — A collection of over 60 videos from this year’s RedisConf. Some good stuff worth digging into here, including using Redis for time-series data, Redis streams, and implementing a feature using modules.


SQLite 3.24 Released with 'UPSERT' Support — The popular embedded database library has added support for a Postgres-style UPSERT syntax for INSERT that allows changes to be made if records already exist. UPDATE queries have also been made more efficient.


Avoid Customer Churn by Tuning Your Database for Optimal Performance — Everyone wants to get optimal performance out of their database. Rick Golba discusses how we enabled Rent the Runway to provide the best possible database response to their customers.

Percona sponsor

Benchmarking Cassandra vs. TimescaleDB for Time-Series Data — How a five node TimescaleDB (a Postgres extension) cluster outperforms 30 Cassandra nodes, with higher inserts and up to 5800x faster queries.

Lee Hampton (TimescaleDB)

The Rise of Open Source Data Strategies vs Oracle — An opinion piece by Adobe’s Matt Asay reflecting on Oracle’s position within the database market and how the majority of growth is going to cloud and open source databases where Oracle hasn’t got a huge foothold.

The Register

Fun with SQL: Window Functions in Postgres — Window functions are key in various analytic and reporting use cases where you want to compare and contrast data.

Craig Kerstiens

Truth First, or Why You Should Mostly Implement 'Database First' Designs — An article inspired by this recent Stack Overflow question. This mostly applies to languages where code generation is necessary.


The ROI on Connected Data: How Connections Unlock Business Value — A high level piece on how eBay uses the Neo4j graph database to more intelligently determine what users might want to buy.

Jeff Morris (Neo4j)

PostgreSQL 11 Beta 1 Now Available in Amazon RDS Database Preview Environment — Want to play with Postgres 11 on AWS RDS already? It’s possible.

Amazon Web Services

PostgreSQL 10 Associate Certification Now Available. Test Your Skills

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Planning, Logistics and Operations: Modelling the London Tube Network in GraknGrakn is an open source knowledge graph engine for modelling complex networks of data.

James Fletcher

Visualizing Bitcoin Transactions: From BigQuery to MapD — How to explore and visualize Bitcoin transaction data with MapD.

Veda Shankar (MapD)

Optimizing Your Linux Environment for MongoDB — Details the steps you can take to setup your environment to optimally run a MongoDB installation.

Onyancha Brian Henry

▶  Building Lightweight Microservices with Redis (and Node.js) — Essentially using Redis as a communications bus.

Carlos Justiniano

Get Optimised MongoDB Query Performance with Studio 3T

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PGInstaller: A GUI Based, User-Friendly Installer for Postgres — A Windows, Mac, & Linux-based option for installing Postgres 9.5, 9.6, 10 or 11 (beta).