#208 — June 15, 2018

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Database Weekly

Elasticsearch 6.3.0 Released, Gains SQL Support — The search-focused document database takes a key step forward with some initial SQL support for queries, ‘rollups’ to create aggregate statistics, plus Java 10 support.

Shane Connelly (Elastic)

Caching Beyond RAM: The Case for NVMe — With both RAM prices and memory demands increasing, could using high performance non-volatile memory be a viable way to reduce costs and increase capacity at the caching level?


Get Optimised MongoDB Query Performance with Studio 3T — Read the latest article in our new tutorial series on MongoDB performance with a piece on the super-charged Find method, and also discover how indexes can be a useful way to find data, fast.

Studio 3T sponsor

Index Creation Can Make SELECT Performance Worse — Indexes generally tend to make select queries faster, but here we can see a walkthrough of a case where standard wisdom doesn’t hold true.

Laurenz Albe

Amazon ElastiCache Now Has Redis 4.0 Compatibility — As AWS RDS is to MySQL or Postgres, ElastiCache is to Redis and memcached.. and it can now support Redis 4.0 features including async flushing and deletes, active memory defragmentation, and encryption in transit.

Randall Hunt (Amazon)

Ask HN: It's 2018. As A Data Scientist, What Tools Should Be in My Arsenal? — A lively Hacker News thread with plenty of suggestions.

Hacker News

Setting up Postgres 11 Beta 1 in Amazon RDS's Preview Environment

Jignesh Shah

Are Your Postgres Skills Feeling Tired? Time For a Tune Up — Join our 5-day postgres skills boot camp starting 6/18.

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Food Discovery with Uber Eats: Building a Query Understanding Engine — Uber engineers share how they process search terms for the ‘Uber Eats’ service: using query understanding and expansion to find restaurants/menu items that best match what eaters want.

Ferras Hamad, Isaac Liu and Xian Xing Zhang

How Redshift Differs From PostgreSQL — If you’re familiar with PostgreSQL features and syntax, how easy will it be to get used to Redshift?

Lee Schlesinger

MongoDB and the Trouble with DBRefs“DBRefs haven’t been deprecated in MongoDB and the functionality is unlikely to go away, but hopefully you can see there are good reasons to avoid introducing them into new projects.”

Dj Walker-Morgan

StreamAlert: A Serverless, Realtime Data Analysis Framework — Built in Python.


Build Data-Driven Applications with MongoDB Experts at MongoDB World

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dbx: A Fast, Easy-to-Use Database Library for R — Easily pull in data from Postgres, MySQL, SQLite to the popular statistical computing environment.

Andrew Kane

usql: A Universal Command-Line Interface for SQL Databases — The latest release adds support for Cassandra and switches from dep to vgo.

Kenneth Shaw