#209 — June 22, 2018

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Database Weekly

MySQL High Availability at GitHub — GitHub uses MySQL as its main datastore for all non-git related things so it’s a critical piece of infrastructure that needs to stay up. This post digs deep on how they keep MySQL highly available.

Shlomi Noach (GitHub)

Streaming SQL for Real-Time Analytics — Streaming analytics will be a $13.7 billion market by 2021 according to one B2B research firm. Here’s a basic overview of the concepts behind the scenes.

Srinath Perera (Datanami)

6 Things DBAs Should Know About GDPR — Learn more about GDPR with these 6 articles and 5 simple steps. Read the tech guide now.

EnterpriseDB sponsor

Databases in 2018: The State of the Developer Ecosystem — The results of a survey of 6000 developers on what databases they use or are looking to use. MySQL and PostgreSQL lead the way here.


The Impact of Virtualization on Your Database — Explores the main differences between AWS EC2’s i3.16xlarge and i3.metal instances, and asks whether removing the virtualization layer can bring about better performance.

Glauber Costa

Crate.io Announces $11 Million Series A Round — Over 30 people are working on CrateDB, a distributed SQL database designed for real-time analysis. Crate also announced Crate MDP, a machine data platform built on CrateDB 3.0.


Twitter Meets TensorFlow — Twitter explains how they’re bringing machine learning to their vast dataset via a modeling/testing/serving framework called Deepbird.

Nicholas Léonard and Cibele Montez Halasz

How to Optimize the Performance of MongoDB — Tips and tricks to optimize performance, particularly around schema design, indexing, replication lag and query design.

Onyancha Brian Henry

Webinar: A Guide to MySQL & MariaDB Performance Tuning — Learn how to get the most out of your database environment.

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How to Benchmark Performance of MySQL and MariaDB with SysBench — Gives a good background of sysbench, and how you can use it to benchmark MySQL and MariaDB.

Krzysztof Ksiazek

Decoding MongoDB's Error Logs — A high-level introduction to the MongoDB error logs, where to find them and how to understand common issues.

Akash Kathiriya

▶  A Look at Gimel, PayPal’s Analytics Data Platform — Deepak Chandramouli demos Gimel, a unified analytics data platform which provides access to any storage through a single unified data API and SQL.


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Bistro: A Lightweight Column-Oriented Data Processing Engine

Alexandr Savinov

Redis Lua Scripting Security Vulnerabilities Fixed — An explanation of the bug and problems involved. Redis versions 3.2.12, 4.0.10, and 5.0-rc2 have been released to counter the issue.

Salvatore Sanfilippo