#211 — July 6, 2018

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H3: Uber’s Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index

H3: Uber’s Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index — Uber developed H3, an open source grid system for optimizing ride pricing and dispatch, to make geospatial data visualization and exploration more accessible. Here’s how to get started with it.

Isaac Brodsky

The Not-So-Dark Art Of Designing Database Indexes — Are you a general software engineer who thinks database indexes are a bit mysterious? This is what one developer has learnt about them and thinks is important to know.

Ben Nadel

Studio 3T Adds SQL Joins Wizardry To Its MongoDB IDE — Transfer your SQL skills to the new enterprise database, by reading: “How to Create MongoDB Joins Using SQL.”

Studio 3T sponsor

How Facebook Migrated 'Messenger' Storage to Optimize Performance“We moved from HBase, an open source distributed key-value store based on HDFS, to MyRocks, Facebook’s open source database project that integrates RocksDB as a MySQL storage engine.”

Xiang Li and Thomas Georgiou (Facebook)

GQL: Defining An Industry Standard Property Graph Query Language?“GQL stands for Graph Query Language. GQL doesn’t exist yet: it’s a proposal to create a standard declarative language - designed to live alongside and fit well with SQL - that is specifically designed for the property graph data model.”

Alastair Green (Neo4j)

EnclaveDB: A Secure Database using SGX — An interesting paper bringing together the security properties of Intel’s SGX enclaves with the Hekaton SQL Server database engine.

Adrian Colyer

A Q&A With MongoDB CTO Eliot Horowitz — MongoDB co-founder and CTO, Eliot Horowitz, sat down with Datanami’s Alex Woodie to talk about how the company got to where it is and where it’s going next.

Alex Woodie

Amazon RDS Performance Insights Now Generally Available — Performance Insights makes it easy to view the load on an Amazon RDS database and lets you identify bottlenecks and discover what to do when performance problems arise.

Amazon Web Services

Use Cases for MariaDB Data Versioning — The popular MySQL fork has introduced system-versioned tables (from the SQL:2011 spec) which store the history of all changes to that table over time rather than just the current values.

Rasmus Johansson (MariaDB)

MongoDB 4.0 Is Now Generally Available. Try It Now on MongoDB Atlas — It’s now even easier to address a complete range of use cases with MongoDB.

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How Walmart Labs Built A Data Pipeline with Lambda Architecture using Spark/Spark Streaming

Swetha Kasireddy (Walmart Labs)

Time Traveling with Graph Databases


Time Series Data Management in Elasticsearch

Sumit Suthar

Vitess: A Database Clustering System for Horizontal Scaling of MySQL — Built-in sharding features let you grow your database without adding sharding logic to your application.


git-sqlite: A Custom Diff and Merge Driver for SQLite — Allows a SQLite database to be tracked using git.

Cannaday, Murphy and Gordon