#212 — July 13, 2018

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Database Weekly

Thank You for Your Help NoSQL, But We Got It From Here — A potentially controversial piece, but hits on some neat ideas, such as that the advent of NoSQL forced relational databases to up their game and explore fresh approaches.

“It’s time for us to admit what we have all known is true for a long time; NoSQL is the wrong tool for many of the modern application use cases, and it’s time that we move on.”
- Rick Negrin

Getting Started: Writing Data to InfluxDB — This is a beginner’s tutorial for how to write static data in batches to InfluxDB.

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The Big News in Databases from Summer 2018 — We cover all the key database industry developments each week in this newsletter, but sometimes it’s nice to get a roundup of the state of the industry – this one from SQL guru Markus Winand rounds up the biggest news of the past few months.

Markus Winand

Microsoft Speeds Up Its Azure SQL Data Warehouse — Microsoft’s cloud-based database service for big data workloads can now support up to 128 concurrent queries versus Amazon Redshift’s 50.


Ask HN: Have You Ever Chosen PostgreSQL Over Mongo and Regretted It? — Most of the comments suggest no, though Mongo’s schemaless nature can initially make prototypes faster to develop.

Hacker News

pgmongo: Replace MongoDB with PostgreSQL using JSONB Fields — A Node-powered ‘drop in replacement’ for MongoDB that runs on Postgres but uses MongoDB’s wire protocol. 190 of 916 core Mongo tests pass so far but the basic functionality is there.

Thomas Hansen

Tamr Preps for Growth with $18M Round — Tamr is a company using machine learning to perform ‘data unification’ for large enterprises that spun out of MIT’s CS and AI Laboratory.


Microsoft Offers SQL Server 2008 Users A New Way to Extend Support for Free — With end of support looming for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, Microsoft’s new option to keep getting security updates is to move to Azure.

Mary Jo Foley (ZDNet)

Stream Changes From Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and AWS Lambda — How to integrate a central Amazon Relational Database Service for PostgreSQL database with other systems by streaming its modifications into Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

Amazon Web Services

Using MongoDB as a Realtime Database with Change Streams — Change streams, available since MongoDB 3.6, allow you to listen for changes in collections in a straightforward, real-time manner.

Esteban Herrera (Pusher)

Transforming Financial Forecasting with Data Science and Machine Learning at Uber — Uber developed its own financial planning software, relying on data science and machine learning, to deliver on-demand forecasting and optimize strategic and operations decisions.

Chunyan Song

Studio 3T Adds SQL Joins Wizardry To Its MongoDB IDE — Transfer your SQL skills to the new enterprise database, read: “How to Create MongoDB Joins Using SQL.”

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Best Practices for Cassandra Data Modeling — Takes a look at the key points, the do’s and the don’ts that need to be kept in mind when designing a schema in Cassandra.

Akhil Vijayan

ODAT: An Oracle Database Attacking Tool — An open source penetration testing tool for testing Oracle database security.

Quentin Hardy

ElastiK Nearest Neighbors: Elasticsearch Plugin for Approximate K-Nearest-Neighbors on Floating-Point Vectors

Alex Klibisz

BuntDB: Embeddable, In-Memory Key/Value Database — A fast, in-memory (but with persistence) ACID-compliant key/value store with spatial indexing support.

Josh Baker