#213 — July 20, 2018

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Database Weekly

Keeping Play Counts In Sync on SoundCloud“what might seem like a simple counting system is actually a cornucopia of services” .. and it involves Cassandra, HDFS, memcached, and Kafka! Interesting to see the dataflows in a high scale service like SoundCloud.


Python Gains Traction Among Data Scientists — Though that’s not the whole story with R preferred in the retail sector and SAS in healthcare.


▶  A Technical Overview of Azure Cosmos DB — Azure Cosmos DB is one of the more interesting databases of recent years, being a highly scalable multi-model database. It’s Azure only, though there is a local emulator.

Microsoft Developer

Now Available: MongoDB Atlas Free Tier on Google Cloud Platform — At MongoDB World 2018, Google Cloud Platform and MongoDB announced the general availability of MongoDB Atlas's free replica sets on GCP. Get your free 3-node replica set today.

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Gracefully Scaling to 10k PostgreSQL Connections for Cheap — A now-complete three part series (part 2 and part 3) on how a team of engineers have scaled PostgreSQL using PgBouncer and Kubernetes.

Alexander H. Black

Why Blockchains Don’t Suck, and the Perils of Distributed Databases — Hello, controversial post alert :-) “The aim of this post was to present a counterpoint to the mid-2018 trend of slamming blockchain technologies.”

Coral Health

Google Compute Now Has 'ultramem' Machine Types with 4TB RAM — Up to 160 vCPUs (a record for a public cloud) and 4TB of memory on a single instance are now available. Unsurprisingly, SAP workloads are a target for such scale.


New Amazon EC2 Instance Types Announced: Z1d, R5 and R5d — The new instance types are all compute or memory optimized with Z1d instances optimized for the highest per-core performance and the R5 and R5d instances aimed at databases and analytics use.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

MapD's GPU-Powered Database Now Available in Google Cloud's Marketplace — GPU-powered database MapD is now available through the Google Cloud Launcher.


Studio 3T Adds SQL Joins Wizardry To Its MongoDB IDE — Transfer your SQL skills to the new enterprise database, read: “How to Create MongoDB Joins Using SQL.”

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How SQL DISTINCT and ORDER BY are Related

Lukas Eder

AWS Kinesis with Lambdas: Lessons Learned at Scale at Trivago — Trivago built a serverless pipeline to replicate data stored in on-premise MySQL machines to AWS.


Uniting SQL and NoSQL for Monitoring: Why PostgreSQL Is The Ultimate Data Store for Prometheus

Niksa Jakovljevic

HuskyDB: Windows Native C++ NoSQL Database — A lightweight document-oriented database optimized for Windows.

Peter Gramenides

Redisson: A Redis-Based Java In-Memory Data Grid


kafka_fdw: Apache Kafka Foreign Database Wrapper for Postgres — Want to query Kafka directly from Postgres? This FDW allows you to treat a Kafka stream like a Postgres table.