#219 — August 31, 2018

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Database Weekly

▶  PayPal's ML Data Pipelines for Real-Time Fraud Prevention — A look at the approach PayPal takes with its internal machine learning powered tools which make real-time decisions about transactions for fraud protection purposes.

Mikhail Kourjanski

LiteTree: SQLite with Branches — An interesting modification of the SQLite engine to support Git-like branching.


Got SQL Skills? Transfer Them to MongoDB, with SQL Joins from Studio 3T — Read “How to Create MongoDB Joins Using SQL”, to see how you too can be a MongoDB master, using Studio 3T.

Studio 3T sponsor

It’s Time for the Open Source Community to Get Real — An interesting piece by Paul Dix, of InfluxDB fame, reflecting on last week’s Redis news around RedisLabs relicensing certain Redis modules – “if a company like RedisLabs happens to be commercializing some part of Redis while still contributing a significant amount to freely available permissive BSD Redis, they should be commended, not attacked.”

Paul Dix

CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) to Host TiKV in the SandboxTiKV is an open source distributed transactional key-value database (inspired by Google Spanner) and it’s being taken under the wing of the CNCF.

Kristen Evans

We Need to Resurrect Desktop Databases“The time is ripe for desktop database engines to not just be resurrected, but also remembered by users who need to run analytics on slowly changing or informal datasets.”

Rahul Batra

Cloudian, an Object Storage System Provider, Raises $94M — The largest ever funding round for an object storage company and Cloudian thinks this shows object storage is coming of age.


Building a Serverless App with MongoDB StitchMongoDB Stitch is a MongoDB-based serverless platform that can make it quicker to build apps in the cloud. This tutorial is a practical demonstration of using it to build a stock price monitoring app.

Valeri Karpov

Creating JSON Changelogs with SQLite — A way to add change tracking to a SQLite database using triggers.

Buckets Blog

How to Write Multiset Conditions With Oracle VARRAY Types — Oracle is one of the few databases that implement the SQL standard ORDBMS extension.

Lukas Eder

From Big Data to Micro-Services: How to Serve Spark-Trained Models Through AWS Lambdas — A quick and Pythonic way to power endpoints with pre-trained Spark models.

Jacopo Tagliabue

▶  Building Chat Bots to Monitor and Manage MongoDB DeploymentsFree the DBA! by harnessing the power of chat bots to assist with the triage and management of MongoDB related issues.

Mike LaSpina (MongoDB, Inc.)

The Most Complete Open Source Database Platform — Enterprise proven, multi-model, with rapid deployment in the cloud and on-premises. Learn more today.

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IBM Cloud SQL Query Now Generally Available — A managed service to query numerous datatypes (stored on IBM Cloud Object Storage) with SQL, a la Amazon’s Athena.

Chris Glew

Couchbase Launches First NoSQL Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes


Announcing Public Preview Availability of MySQL Online Migration in Azure Database Migration Service

Microsoft Data Migration Blog