#220 — September 7, 2018

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Database Weekly

Select Star SQL: An Interactive SQL Tutorial — Want to get a bit better at SQL? This interactive online guide will give you some practical experience and is oriented, intriguingly, around querying a dataset of death row inmates..

Select Star SQL

An Introduction to Druid, Interactive Analytics at Big Scale — Druid is an Apache-incubated high performance analytics data store for event-driven data (or, as the author describes it, “a real-time columnar timeseries database on steroids”).

Florian Zysset

The Most Frequently Asked Questions: A Guide for the Overly Eager New InfluxDB User — This blog contains the most FAQ when you’re getting started with InfluxDB, the fastest growing open source TSDB.

InfluxData sponsor

'I Don’t Want to Learn Your Garbage Query Language'“This is a bit of a rant but I really don’t like software that invents its own query language.” This opinion piece fuelled an extensive discussion on Hacker News.

Erik Bernhardsson

Flink Delivers ACID Transactions on Streaming Data — The folks behind Apache Flink, an open source stream processing framework, just delivered something you may not have realized you needed: ACID guarantees in a stream processing framework.


SQream DB 3.0 Boasts 15x Speedup for Its GPU Data WarehouseSQream is a commercial, GPU-based data warehouse system aimed at bringing a relatively budget option to the multi-terabyte analytics market.


Integrating MongoDB and Amazon Kinesis for Intelligent, Durable Streams — A tutorial looking at the MongoDB Stitch setup needed to both durably store data on MongoDB Atlas while simultaneously pushing it to Amazon Kinesis to perform stream-oriented analytics.

Michael Lynn

ArangoDB 3.4 Release Candidate 1 Released: What's New? — ArangoDB is a highly available multi-model NoSQL database & 3.4 introduces ArangoSearch, a search layer, and suppor for GeoJSON and Google’s S2 Geo Index.


Coming to Postgres 11: Parallel CREATE INDEX — Being able to create indexes in parallel is a significant development.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

How to Download the Stack Overflow Database for SQL Server — The latest dump expands to a 304GB(!) SQL Server 2008 database. There’s also a smaller ‘laptop’ build. An ideal dataset to stress or test SQL Server with.

Brent Ozar

Find the Next Non-NULL Row in a Series With SQL

Lukas Eder

Migrating a Standalone PostgreSQL Instance to Amazon Aurora

Pavel Tsiukhtsiayeu

Break Free from Oracle — Reduce database costs by 80% or more.

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Spotify Open Sources 'cstar', Its Cassandra Orchestration Tool — At 3000 nodes large, Spotify needed some tooling to help it manage its Cassandra cluster. This tool lets them (and now you) run arbitrary scripts on all hosts in a cluster in a “topology aware” fashion.

Emilio Del Tessandoro (Spotify)

Sqorn: A Fast, Composable JavaScript SQL Query Builder — Uses a functional style that models query compilation as a series of transformations. Full tutorial here.

Sufyan Dawoodjee

Redis 5.0 RC5 Released

Salvatore Sanfilippo