#221 — September 14, 2018

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Database Weekly

TimescaleDB 1.0: An Enterprise-Ready Time-Series Database — First launched 18 months ago, Timescale is a database built as an extension to PostgreSQL that’s now in used in numerous large scale deployments for time-series work.

Ajay Kulkarni

How to Extract a Data-Rich Service From a Monolith — A series of steps for separating part of a monolithic application, with its data store, to an independent service. Published and recommended by Martin Fowler.

Praful Todkar

Setting Up a MongoDB Service Under Windows via PowerShell — We'll show you how to use PowerShell to set up a MongoDB service on Windows, plus highlight how Studio 3T can help with user authentication and management.

Studio 3T sponsor

LogDevice: Distributed Storage for Sequential Data — A newly open sourced scalable distributed log storage system from Facebook that’s designed for workloads like event streaming, replication pipelines, transaction logs, and deferred work journals.


PostgreSQL 11's Just In Time (JIT) Query Compilation — The forthcoming Postgres 11’s new JIT expression compiler gives it a major speed boost over Postgres 10 on TPC-H Q1.

Dimitri Fontaine

The Anna Key-Value Store Boasts 355x the Performance of DynamoDB“we measured Anna providing 355x the performance of DynamoDB for the dollar. (..) Anna is now orders of magnitude more efficient than competing systems, in addition to being orders of magnitude faster.”

High Scalability

Several MySQL SQL Query Optimization Tips — Although the concepts can be applied to many other relational databases.


Time Series Data and MongoDB: An Introduction — TimescaleDB (above) is one option for time-series data, but did you know MongoDB can also step up to the task?

Robert Walter (MongoDB)

▶  Data Lake vs Data Warehouse — This is very entry level but if you’ve been confused as to the difference between the two, this keeps it simple.


LOLWUT: A Piece of Art Inside a Database Command — The creator of Redis has been inspired to add a new, just-for-fun command to the popular data structure server.

Salvatore Sanfilippo

Moving to BigQuery — Hike moved from a Hive + BigQuery approach to BigQuery alone and improved querying speed by up to 50x.

Team Hike

Lessons from Building a Serverless Data Pipeline with AWS Kinesis and Lambda — Get ready for ‘inception’ as IOpipe explains how they monitor other people’s AWS Lambda functions using a data pipeline built around.. Lambda.

Erica Windisch

Increased Complexity is Dragging on Big Data — Nothing new in this report by Qubole. Complexity is continuing to bog down companies hoping to make progress on big data projects. No doubt we’ll continue to see more new tools and approaches coming out to attempt to remedy this.


Webinar: Getting the Most Out of MongoDB on AWS — This webinar introduces the different ways you can go about deploying, managing, and optimizing MongoDB on AWS.

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Data Thieves Want Your Columns — Not Your Rows

Alan Zeichick (Oracle)