#223 — September 28, 2018

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sqlfmt: An Opinionated Online SQL Formatter — Provide sqlfmt with some SQL, specify a target line width, and get back some better formatted SQL that takes SQL’s syntax into account. Ideal for blog posts or documentation. The tool itself is here.

Matt Jibson

SQL Server 2019: Celebrating 25 Years of SQL Server and the Path Forward — It’s 25 years since SQL Server first shipped on Windows NT(!) and alongside that Microsoft are announcing the latest version, SQL Server 2019, which has a big focus on ‘intelligence’, security, and hands-free performance tuning.

Microsoft SQL Server Team

JackDB: A Modern Database Client — JackDB is a web-based database client with built-in tools for security and collaboration. Sign up for a free trial today.

JackDB, Inc. sponsor

Amazon Aurora Now Supports Stopping and Starting of Database Clusters — Aurora clusters can now be stopped (for up to 7 days) and restarted making it more useful and affordable for development and test purposes.

Amazon Web Services

Running a Database on EC2? Your Clock Could Be Slowing You Down — A curious tale of a company discovering the EC2 instances running its Postgres cluster were particularly slow at getting the time and this had a performance hit on its analytics workload.

Kamal Marhubi (Heap)

Cloudflare Adds a Fast Distributed Key-Value Store to Its Serverless Platform — Cloudflare Workers is a ‘serverless’ compute platform that works across the popular cloud network and they’ve added a new, highly distributed, eventually-consistent key/value store to it.

Stephen Pinkerton and Zack Bloom (Cloudflare)

Stack Overflow's 'The Incredible Growth of Amazon RDS' Report — A report on Amazon’s Relational Database Service based on the results of Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey. It includes a particularly neat graph showing how database popularity and 2017-2018 growth correlate. PDF.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

AMD Eyes Data-Driven Server Upgrades — AMD is zeroing in on datacenter overhauls needed to handle faster data/analytics as a way to compete against Intel.


Webinar: Getting the Most Out of MongoDB on AWS — This webinar introduces the different ways you can go about deploying, managing and optimizing MongoDB on AWS.

MongoDB sponsor

The Crimes of Chicago: Working with MongoDB from PowerShell — A .NET-oriented introduction to MongoDB which focuses on a practical example of working with a crime-related dataset and scripting things with PowerShell.

Phil Factor

Archive MySQL Data in Chunks Using Stored Procedures

SQL Gossip

How to Recover Data on Oracle without a Backup

Chris Saxon

Using Machine Learning to Detect Column Types in Customer Files

Matt Hagy (LiveRamp)

The Changing Face of ETL — How stream processing with Apache Kafka and KSQL is the changing face of ETL and why this approach is being adopted.

Robin Moffatt

DBDiagram: A Relational Database Diagram Design Tool — Quick and simple tool to help draw database relationship diagrams using a simple DSL.


Blaze: A Blazing Fast Exporter for Your ElasticSearch Data

Viktor Elofsson

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