#224 — October 5, 2018

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Database Weekly

A Brief History of High Availability — A high level look at how distributed databases have historically handled partial failures and what ‘high availability’ means and looks like in real terms.

Sean Loiselle

Redis Speeds Towards a Multi-Model Future — Redis is best known as a very fast key-value store, but there’s more to it than that especially if Redis Labs gets its way. Here’s an update on where Redis is at right now.


Actionable Insights into Your Path to Production — Want to deliver faster? Want to recover from failures more quickly? Want to improve your cycle time? Use GoCD with its analytics plugin to improve your software delivery with actionable metrics. Sign up for a trial.

GoCD sponsor

Oracle Releases Autonomous NoSQL Database Cloud ServiceThis video explains the basic idea. Essentially it’s a scalable, fully managed DynamoDB-esque database that supports JSON, table and key-value datatypes, with flexible transaction guarantees.


SQL as an API Language? — Within a write up about his Datasette project (a tool to create JSON APIs for SQLite databases) Simon reflected on GraphQL’s ability to query data and how SQL could essentially be used for the same thing.

Simon Willison

RediSQL: Bringing SQL to Redis — A Redis module embeds an SQLite database into your Redis instance. There’s an open source version, plus a pro version with more features.

Team Dhrubok

Tuning Amazon RDS for MySQL with Performance Insights — Amazon RDS Performance Insights brings a tuning interface to Amazon RDS to help you discover and investigate performance issues.

Jeremiah Wilton and Szymon Komendera (AWS)

Sequence Caching: Oracle vs. Postgres — Sequence caching is when a database pre-generates sequence values in advance making them quicker to provide when needed.

Don Seiler

Why The European Space Agency Uses Postgres — A look into the world of space exploration and time-series and geospatial data and how it all comes together in the ESA’s use case for Postgres and TimescaleDB.

Andrew Staller

pgCenter: Stress Free Postgres Stats — An open-source CLI admin tool for working with Postgres activity statistics.

Alexey Lesovsky

Awesome MongoDB: A Curated Set of MongoDB Resources — Over 100 curated links to MongoDB tutorials, libraries, articles, etc.

Guillaume Gelin

ClusterControl - Get Three Months Free with an Annual Contract — The only database management system you’ll need to take control of your open source database infrastructure.

Severalnines sponsor

PL/R: R Procedural Language Support for Postgres — PL/R lets you write Postgres functions using R, the popular statistical computing language. A new version has just been released which introduces Postgres 11 support.

Joseph E. Conway

Introducing HaloDB, A Fast, Embedded Key-Value Storage Engine Written in Java

Yahoo Engineering

tic-tac-toe.sql: Tic Tac Toe Implemented in SQL

Dvir Volk