#225 — October 12, 2018

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Summer's over and it seems everyone's ready to get making deals! This week in particular has been pretty business heavy, with several key events including MongoDB acquiring mLab, Elastic's IPO, and the Cloudera/Hortonworks merger - we've covered them all below :-)
— Peter Cooper, editor

NVIDIA Announces 'RAPIDS', an Open-Source Ecosystem to Accelerate Data Science with GPUs — The goal of RAPIDS is to give data scientists a robust, open-source platform for GPU-accelerated data science that can plug into new and existing new open-source tooling. BlazingSQL is a notable new GPU SQL engine built on top of this platform, for example.


MongoDB, Inc. Acquires mLab, the Database-as-a-Service Provider — mLab were one of the first companies to offer cloud-based, managed MongoDB hosting, and were particularly popular amongst MongoDB-using Heroku user. Users will be be migrated to MongoDB’s own Atlas platform over the next year.

Will Shulman (mLab)

Building Intelligent Apps with MongoDB and Google Cloud — Use MongoDB Stitch combined with powerful cloud services and APIs to quickly build a recommendation system and plug it right into your operational app.

MongoDB sponsor

Elastic, Creators of Elastic Search, Go Public — Elastic went public on the NYSE last week in one of the data industry’s biggest recent IPOs. Even after the twitchy market of the past week, its shares are still up over the launch price valuing Elastic at over $4bn.


Mirus: High Performance Replication for Apache Kafka — Salesforce is a heavy user of Kafka and they’ve just open sourced this tool for replicating data between Kafka clusters. GitHub repo.

Paul Davidson (Salesforce)

PostgreSQL 11 Release Candidate 1 Released — The first release candidate of the next major Postgres version is here. Craig Kerstiens’ Postgres 11 - A First Look will help you get up to date with what’s new.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Google Extending BigQuery Reach Across Europe — Google’s BigQuery has only been available in a handful of locations, but now it’s extending its reach into more regions so users can perform analytics in the regions where they operate. Expansion into Asia is due to follow.


Rivals Cloudera and Hortonworks to Merge and Battle Together — The business news continues this week with two of the biggest names in Hadoop looking to collaborate rather than compete. There are suggestions this deal could mean Hadoop’s influence is declining, however.

Angus Loten

SQL's Versatile INSERT — A look at ‘some of the more interesting things’ you can do with INSERT in Postgres.


Managing Data Store Locality at Facebook Scale with Akkio — A look at an interesting system Facebook has built to efficiently store data at a granular scale (in ‘microshards’) across the globe without having entire replicas in each datacenter.

Facebook Code

How We Store Data in the Cloud at Auth0 — MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Redis all have a role to play at the popular authentication-as-a-service provider.

Dirceu Tiegs

Validating Performance and Reliability of the New Dropbox Search Engine

Dropbox Tech Blog

Comparing EDB Postgres Platform to Self-Supported PostgreSQL — Watch the video.

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CrateDB 3.1 (Stable): A Real-Time SQL Database — A distributed SQL database with integrated document oriented data store. 3.1 has significantly faster performance and improved PostgreSQL wire protocol compatibility (at the cost of deprecating its Elasticsearch API).