#226 — October 19, 2018

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Database Weekly

Redis 5 Released — The popular data structure key/value store takes another stride forward with version 5 which includes support for streams, improvements to defragmentation, a new LOLWUT command(!), and numerous other refactorings and tweaks.

Salvatore Sanfilippo

PostgreSQL 11 Released — A long awaited major release for the popular RDBMS that now includes hash partitioning, covering indexes, transactions in stored procedures, and more. Don’t forget, we also have a Postgres newsletter :-)

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Love SQL but Want to Try MongoDB? Get the Best of Both, with Studio 3T — Get started fast with a variety of SQL Join queries in MongoDB.

Studio 3T sponsor

AWS Announces Managed Databases for Amazon Lightsail — Lightsail is essentially AWS’s VPS offering where EC2 instances and storage are packaged up in a fixed monthly fee in a style similar to providers like DigitalOcean or Linode. Now, AWS is offering the same with databases - MySQL only for now.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

MongoDB Issues New 'Server Side Public License' for Its Community Edition — A new license (to be used on the community edition of MongoDB from here on) specifies how MongoDB can be run as a service. The key change is those running MongoDB as a service need to open source their unique contributions.

MongoDB, Inc.

Analysts Get A Guiding Hand with 'TrustCheck' — It’s just one part of a commercial product but TrustCheck, a feature that can give users instant feedback on how ethical and legally compliant their queries are sounds interesting. This could be a feature other systems will eventually implement in a world with increasing numbers of regulations around data use.


Managing Backup and Replication for Large PostgreSQL Databases — Postgres has different models for making backups with various pros and cons, but at scale this company swears on Barman, pg_basebackup and pg_receivewal.

Flavio Gurgel

A Developer’s Guide to MongoDB Sharding — Provides an overview of sharding in MongoDB and how it can be used concurrently with other methods to achieve high availability.

Onyancha Brian Henry

1-Click Access to Any Database or Server in Any Environment — Grant or revoke temporary access using your SSO provider & audit every query, SSH & RDP command with strongDM.

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How memcached's Cache Replacement Algorithm was Improved


Hadoop And Spark Get A Vector Performance Boost — A look at how a chip manufacturer and the creators of Hadoop have been working together to accelerate certain workloads.

The Next Platform

Is it Time to Drain the Data Lake? — An argument that ‘data lakes’ aren’t particularly useful unless you’re monitoring and acting upon what goes into them in real time.

Dominic Wellington

Is Hadoop Officially Dead? (No.) — A hot take based on last week’s news about the merging of two Hadoop heavyweights. This is a good summary of where the Hadoop market is at right now.

Alex Woodie