#233 — December 14, 2018

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They Scaled YouTube — Now They’ll Shard Everyone with PlanetScaleVitess is a relational data storage system (that horizontally scales MySQL) that helped YouTube overcome a lot of scaling issues and its creators have now launched PlanetScale, a company aiming to “turbocharge MySQL in the cloud” with Vitess.


▶  Amazon DynamoDB Deep Dive: Advanced Design Patterns for DynamoDB — A fascinating talk aimed at existing users of Amazon’s DynamoDB key/value/document store who want to really step up another level, but packed with useful thinking about non-relational data storage you might find useful as a Mongo or Cassandra, etc. user.

Rick Houlihan

JackDB: A Modern Database Client — JackDB is a web-based database client with built-in tools for security and collaboration. Sign up for a free trial today.

JackDB, Inc. sponsor

Has FaunaDB Cracked The Code for Global Transactionality?FaunaDB is a distributed, multi-model, globally scalable OLTP database whose creators are trying to solve the problem of ensuring ACID transactions can work across instances in multiple data centers around the world.

Alex Woodie

Bringing Modern Programming Languages to the Oracle Database with GraalVM — GraalVM is an interesting extension of the Java Virtual Machine that acts as a more universal VM for other languages than typical JVM languages like Java and Scala. By embedding GraalVM into Oracle, users of other languages can get direct access to Oracle’s features.

Bastian Hossbach

What's Happened in Databases in Fall 2018 — While we keep you updated with database news each week, Markus’s quarterly expositions are helpful to get an idea of the big trends. Here he ponders the introduction of SQL to NoSQL systems and Amazon’s use of Oracle.

Markus Winand

Graph Databases And How They Relate to Other Graph Data Types — Explore the ever-evolving world of graph technology including native graphs, property graphs, hypergraphs and RDF triple stores – and all their trade-offs.

Bryce Merkl Sasaki (Neo4j)

How to use Redis Streams in your AppsStreams were a new data type introduced to the recently released Redis 5.0.

Roshan Kumar (RedisLabs)

Enforcing Transitive Constraints in SQL

Benchling Engineering

Orafce: Oracle Compatibility Functions for PostgreSQL — Orafce implements some of the functions from Oracle Database that might be useful for users migrating to Postgres.


mongodb-memory-server: Spin Up MongoDB in Memory for Faster Testing — Spins up a real MongoDB Server programmatically from Node.js for testing or mocking during development and hold data in memory by default.

Pavel Chertorogov

JSON Schema Document Validation? In MongoDB - No Problem — Our database expert will guide you through the steps to create a valid JSON schema for your MongoDB collection.

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Vitess 3.0: Powerful Sharding for MySQL — Check the featured items for something about the creators of Vitess and their new company, PlanetScale.

Adrianna Tan

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