#234 — December 21, 2018

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🎵 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... so we'll be taking a week off after this and will return on January 4 with a roundup of what happened in the database world in 2018.

We hope you have a fantastic holiday season, whatever you celebrate, and both I and the entire Cooperpress team really appreciate you reading the newsletter over the year.

— Peter Cooper, editor

SQL is Dead, Hail to 'Flux'? — An introduction to Flux, a data-querying language from InfluxData that this developer is hyping up as a key database trend for 2019. Possibly not, but it certainly contains some interesting ideas and gets me thinking about new ways to build query languages and cross-compile them to work on legacy systems..

Antoine Solnichkin

The Guardian: 'Bye Bye Mongo, Hello Postgres' — In April, popular British newspaper The Guardian switched off their MongoDB cluster and completed a migration to PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS. Here’s the full story.

Philip McMahon

On-Demand EDB Postgres Databases on the AWS Cloud in Minutes — Try the EDB Postgres Cloud Database Service free today.

EnterpriseDB sponsor

How the SQLite Database Works — This article looks at some architectural details of database implementation by using an early version of SQLite.

Dhanushka Madushan

The Nine Most Common Database Design Errors — Database design mistakes to avoid, to save you from some potential future headaches.

Emil Drkušić

A 2019 predictions interlude..

2019 Open Source Database Trends and Predictions — 2018 saw a rise in PostgreSQL, a boom in containizeration and increased adoption of devops in the enterprise. What will 2019 hold? Some of Severalnines employees have their say.

Forest Lymburner (Severalnines)

What's Up with 2019? Some Big Data Predictions — As 2018 rolls to a close, Datanami turns its attention to 2019 and the possibility that it holds. 5G networks, the ongoing influence of GDPR, Hadoop and machine learning all feature.

Alex Woodie (Datanami)

Data Deletion in a World with Endless Storage — It’s become so easy and inexpensive to store more and more data but being able to effectively delete it again is increasingly important. I suspect we'll see more focus on this topic in 2019 and 2020.

Brian Vecci

The Best PostgreSQL Articles, Tools and News of 2018 — This week’s Postgres Weekly looked back at the Postgres world in 2018 and the most popular tools and tutorials we linked.

Postgres Weekly

How to Design Highly Available Open Source Database Environments — Learn how to build an environment that stays up-and-running; even in the toughest of circumstances.

Severalnines sponsor

Amazon DynamoDB Increases the Number of Global Secondary Indexes and Projected Index Attributes You Can Create Per Table — And if you need more than 20 global secondary indexes, you can request an increase.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Analyzing IMDb Data The Intended Way, with R and ggplot2 — For IMDb’s big-but-not-big data, you have to play with the data smartly, and both R and ggplot2 have neat tricks to do just that. This comes from earlier in the year but I really enjoyed it.

Max Woolf

▶  Streaming Analytics: How to Get Fast Predictions From Real-Time Data — ..with Flink, Kafka, and Cassandra.

Bas Geerdink

SQL Clause Is Coming to TownHe’s making a table, he’s sorting it twice..

Chris Bertrand

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UK Data Engineering Roles? Try hackajob — See how much you could earn by putting your skills to the test, average salary £65k.


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