#240 — February 8, 2019

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Database Weekly

Understanding Database Sharding — Goes over what sharding is, some of its main benefits and drawbacks, and also a few common sharding approaches.

Mark Drake

Recommending Similar Fashion Images with Deep Learning — Databases and search features often go hand in hand (e.g. Elasticsearch) but deep learning is having an interesting impact on search by providing a totally different model for it. Stories like this get me wondering about the interesting places where databases and ML collide.

James Le (FloydHub)

Don’t Miss Postgres Vision 2019 — Save the date: June 24 - 26, Boston, MA.

EnterpriseDB sponsor

▶  PostgreSQL Goes to Eleven — Joe Conway’s talk from FOSDEM digs into some of the history of PostgreSQL and briefly covers what arrived in Postgres 11 and what's set for Postgres 12. 48 minutes.

Joe Conway

What Queries Does Microsoft's Telemetry Service Run on Your SQL Server? — Since SQL Server 2016, SQL Server instances 'phone home' to MS by default with the results of various queries ran against your database, but what are they? Brent Ozar captured a trace.

Brent Ozar

A brief news break..

MailChimp's Mandrill Service Experiences Outage Due to PostgreSQL Transaction ID Wraparound — This is something you really need to be aware of if using Postgres at scale and aren't fully in tune with your autovacuuming setup. Sentry experienced a similar outage in 2015 and did a full writeup.

Hacker News

Microsoft Invests in Databricks — Databricks is a “high-flying analytics startup founded by the creators of Apache Spark”.


PostgreSQL at Scale: Database Schema Changes Without Downtime — Braintree Payments, a division of PayPal, heavily uses Postgres and due to offering payment processing services, zero downtime is a must. Here’s a deep dive into all the things involved in making schema updates without downtime.

James Coleman

New Whitepaper: Choosing a Database Proxy for MySQL and MariaDB — What is a proxy and why do you need it to achieve high availability for your database?

Severalnines sponsor

Implementing Versioning and Audit Trails with SQL Server Temporal Tables and .NET Core — When working with personal or otherwise valuable data, it can become essential to see who is making changes to it, when those changes are, and what they were.

Ross Jay Jones

mongofluxd: Real-Time Sync from MongoDB into InfluxDB

Ryan Wynn

🐦 Spotted on Twitter

'We Use SQLite Mounted on a Shared Volume in WAL Mode' (To Communicate Between Containers) — I’m really looking forward to the blog post to follow on this interesting approach for container communication. Database as databus?

Rick Branson on Twitter