#241 — February 15, 2019

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Why Google Needed a Graph Serving System — The founder of Dgraph Labs, the graph database company, explains his earlier work at Google and how Google would improve their search systems using graph technology.

Manish Rai Jain (Dgraph Labs)

SQL: One of the Most Valuable Skills — Craig Kerstiens of Citus Data explains why, out of all the skills he’s picked up over the course of his career, SQL remains the most valuable.

Craig Kerstiens

Diagnose & Resolve Performance Across Your PostgreSQL Environment — Manage the health of your infrastructure. Intuitive web-based dashboards alert you to issues that might affect performance or availability, and a clear enterprise-wide view helps you optimize your entire PostgreSQL environment. Download your free trial.

Quest Software sponsor

Loading Terabytes of Data from PostgreSQL into BigQuery — A quick look at how you can transfer large amounts of data from a Postgres database into Google’s BigQuery, perhaps for analytics work or even opening it up to the public.

Pavel Tiunov

Tools Emerge to Comply with Forthcoming California Data Law — The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), essentially California’s equivalent of Europe’s GDPR, comes into force on January 1, 2020. Given the strong presence of tech companies and database providers in California, offering tools to comply with modern privacy laws is becoming a must.


PostgreSQL 11 Reestablishes Window Functions Leadership — PostgreSQL 11 offers the best OVER clause support among its competitors, true procedures, and improvements in FETCH FIRST and XML.

Markus Winand

MySQL Performance Benchmarking: MySQL 5.7 vs MySQL 8.0 — MySQL 8.0 features a lot of great improvements and in this round of benchmarks it outperforms MySQL 5.7 significantly if you’re using it heavily.

Paul Namuag (Severalnines)

Why CockroachDB is Built on Top of RocksDBCockroachDB, a distributed SQL database, uses RocksDB, a key/value store, for its storage engine because of RocksDB’s rich feature set. (This would be a useful read if you’re building a database system of your own.)

Arjun Narayan and Peter Mattis (Cockroach Labs)

How to Calculate a Cumulative Percentage in SQL

Lukas Eder

An Overview of the Index Changes in PostgreSQL 11 — PostgreSQL 11 introduced several changes to the way it handles database indexes.

Amit Jain

Use The Lead Time Metric to Improve Your CI/CD Process — GoCD’s latest CD metrics blog will guide you on how to identify bottlenecks and improve your CI/CD process.

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▶  Testing Complex MySQL Systems on a Laptop with dbdeployerDBdeployer is a tool that makes it easy to quickly deploy MySQL servers locally, singly or en masse, with replication or without.

Giuseppe Maxia

Move Fast and Migrate Things: How We Automated Migrations in PostgreSQL — Benchling is a life science data management platform which means they need to work with a lot of data, and as with Braintree/PayPal last week, it’s neat to see how they approach migrations at their level.

Vineet Gopal

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