#244 — March 8, 2019

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Database Weekly

Autotuning Cassandra to Reduce Latencies — The idea of databases that can automatically scale, automatically tune, and perhaps even automatically index themselves appeals to me, so it’s neat to see automatic performance tuning work like this taking place.


Apache Solr: Because Your Database Is Not A Search Engine — Apache Solr is a popular Lucene-based search engine (second only to Elasticsearch) and under the hood it’s essentially a document database. This article takes a (very) detailed look at what differentiates it from more conventional document databases like MongoDB.

Gary A. Stafford

eBook: Best Practices for Optimizing Postgres Query Performance — Learn how to get a 3x performance improvement on your Postgres database and 500x reduced data loaded from disk in this free pganalyze eBook.

pganalyze sponsor

How to Configure and Connect to AWS Aurora's Serverless MySQL Database — A 10 minute tutorial on configuring and connecting to AWS’s serverless MySQL database system. (Serverless, in this context, basically means an automatically scaling pay-as-you-go database.)

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

A SQL Server DBA on Postgres: The Tooling Stinks — Strong opinions from a SQL Server user here, but it provoked some interesting discussion and a response about how Postgres’s UNIX-esque approach makes sense.

Ryan Booz

2019 Database Trends: SQL vs. NoSQL, Top Databases, and More — Results from hundreds of developers queried at last month’s DeveloperWeek event, though I feel the results reflect the attendee demographic more than the industry as a whole.

Kristi Anderson

Building a Live Data Visualization in 4 Days Using Redis Pub/Sub — How Heap used its Kafka infrastructure and Redis’s pub/sub features to make a lightweight event bus.


Building a Relational Data Model for a Wine Store — Vertabelo are well known for their frequent DB modelling articles and this one continues the trend.

Emil Drkušić

Use The Lead Time Metric to Improve Your CI/CD Process — GoCD’s latest CD metrics blog will guide you on how to identify bottlenecks and improve your CI/CD process.

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How We Built an SQL Firewall — An interesting idea. Like a WAF but at the database level.

Cossack Labs

How to Use JOIN LATERAL and Why You Would Want To — Written for PostgreSQL users but Oracle and DB2 also support this type of join.

Elein Mustain

Can On-Prem S3 Compete with HDFS for Analytic Workloads?

Alex Woodie (Datanami)

Accelerated Database Recovery in SQL Server 2019 — Learn about SQL Server 2019’s new ‘Accelerated Database Recovery’ feature and how it limits the impact of long-running transactions on database recovery.

Aaron Bertrand

Handling Hierarchical Data Structures in SQL Server — Using Common Table Expressions (CTEs).

Matt Stacey