#245 — March 15, 2019

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Database Weekly

AWS Unveils a New, 'Open' Distribution of ElasticsearchElasticsearch is a popular document-oriented search and analytics engine/database and AWS is offering a new, purely open source distribution of it after concerns regarding recent additions of more proprietary features to the main project. (Look at the homepage's URL.. makes you wonder what they're planning next!)

Jeff Barr

Eliminate Risk with Ultimate Cross-Platform Insight — Proactively diagnose and resolve database issues – through one interface with Foglight for Cross-Platform Databases.

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ArangoDB Raises $10MB in Series A Funding — ArangoDB is an interesting, highly available multi-model NoSQL database that unites graph, document, and key/value approaches in a single core with the same query language.


How On-Demand Pricing Slashed an AWS DynamoDB Bill by 90% — A look at how a company using DynamoDB for all their app’s database needs saved big using the new on-demand pricing model.

Ashwin Bhat

Let's Build a Simple Database in C — A thirteen-part (so far) series on building a simple SQLite clone from scratch.

Connor Stack

Neo4j Joins GraphQL Foundation as a Founding Member — GraphQL makes the observation that application data is a graph, and allows the client to query it as a graph, which makes it a natural fit for Neo4j, one of the leading graph databases.


What MemSQL Can Do for Time-Series Applications — A look at the practicalities of how MemSQL, a distributed, in-memory, SQL database management system aimed at performance, can be used as a powerful time-series database.

Eric Hanson (MemSQL)

Migration from Oracle Database to MariaDB: A Deep Dive


📖 Stories and Opinions

How Hovis Improved Demand Forecasting with Google BigQuery — A major British bread brand has been coupling together all the information about their inventory, third party data, public holidays, and more to do machine learning-based demand forecasting backed by BigQuery.

New Statesman

▶  Security Incident Response with Andrew Mulholland — The head of core infrastructure at BuzzFeed discusses how real-life production log storage servers crash, and how to handle it.

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How Grab Simplified Its Data Ingestion and Transformation Process — Replacing Spark streaming with their own Go-powered pipeline yielded big improvements for the Asian transportation platform.

Grab Tech

Benchmarking Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL — The first in a series of articles benchmarking managed PostgreSQL services.


Getting Ready for Real-Time 'Decisioning' — A great example is e-commerce companies doing real-time fraud prevention for online transactions.

John Dillon (Aerospike)

🛠 Tools and Systems

Tile38: A Geospatial Database, Spatial Index, and Realtime Geofence — Built in Go, Tile38 is an in-memory geolocation data store that supports a variety of object types including lat/lon points, bounding boxes, XYZ tiles, Geohashes, and GeoJSON.

Josh Baker

A Look at Six Top GUI Tools for PostgreSQL — Using a GUI is rarely a must, but GUI-based tools can be useful in some cases. Here’s a brief review of five options including pgAdmin, Navicat and ClusterControl.

Sebastian Insausti (Severalnines)

KeyDB: A Multithreaded Fork of Redis — John Sully disagrees with Salvatore Sanfilippo’s thoughts on multithreading, so this fork now exists. YMMV.

John Sully