#258 — June 14, 2019

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Database Weekly

A 2019 Open Source Database Report: MySQL Still Leading The Way? — Based on a survey at the recent Percona Live event, ScaleGrid presents a look at open source database usage (where MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB are the unsurprising frontrunners).


Using R vs. Python for Data Science — The use of Python for data science work is shooting up and up, but R is perhaps even better suited to the task. Which is better? A R-leaning professor makes some comparisons here.

Norm Matloff

What Makes a Database Kubernetes-Native? — Running a database in K8s is a contentious topic, as stateful sets and K8s don’t always play nice. What properties does a DB need to make it work?

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A Look at Bloom Indexes in PostgreSQL — The last in a fantastic series of articles digging deep into each type of index that PostgreSQL provides. This time, it’s the turn of bloom indexes which are based on bloom filters, a type of data structure that can provide very rapid membership checks but with a chance of false positives.

Egor Rogov

Socrates: The New SQL Server in the Cloud? — A paper that presents a novel DBaaS architecture, called Socrates which has been implemented in Microsoft SQL Server and is available in Azure as SQL DB Hyperscale.

Microsoft Research

Kafka is Coming to MongoDB (and Vice Versa): Previewing The Official Connector — Apache Kafka, the real-time data pipeline and stream processing system, is very popular in enterprise deployments and MongoDB is working on a new, native, and fully supported connector to enable integration in both directions.

Scott L'Hommedieu (MongoDB, Inc.)

💻 Jobs

Wanted: Curious Developers with ❤️ — Stagnating? Check C5 out: New projects, tech, and challenges perfectly paired with kind, supportive, and brilliant people.

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Land a New Dev Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📒 Tutorials and Stories

▶  How AWS Provides Managed PostgreSQL Databases — A high level 50 minute session that covers the history of AWS RDS and how AWS has provided managed Postgres services over the years. This is a really great overview if you’re considering relying on AWS for running Postgres.

Kevin Jernigan

How to Switch from a RDBMS to DynamoDB in 20 Easy Steps.. — These thoughts on what it takes to move from a monolithic RDBMS mindset to one oriented around AWS’s popular key/value and document-based offering are interesting.

Jeremy Daly on Twitter

The Chande Momentum Oscillator and InfluxDB

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Coming in MongoDB 4.2: Wildcard Indexes — It’s been over a year since MongoDB 4.0 was released but now we can start looking forward to the next feature driven release, 4.2, which will include a type of index that can only index data that matches specific filters.

Dj Walker-Morgan

▶  Exploring 10 Postgres Tips and Tricks — Webinar-style audio but the slides are here if you prefer.

Bruce Momijan

▶  How to Migrate MongoDB to a SQL Database Using Studio 3T

Studio 3T