#259 — June 21, 2019

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Database Weekly

Google Releases 'Private Join and Compute' to Improve the Multi-Party Computation Experience — If two users each have a collection of data, Private Join and Compute provides a way for them to privately compute the sum of associated values for records in common without compromising any of the data.


How We Migrated Our Database to Amazon Aurora with Zero Downtime — The CTO of a SaaS company shares the story of migrating from Amazon RDS to Aurora (Amazon’s higher performance database system that can present itself as Postgres or MySQL compatible). Avoiding downtime was the key and they managed to pull it off.

Miguel Carranza (RevenueCat)

An Opinionated Guide for Writing Clean, Maintainable SQL — Also called Matt Mazur’s SQL Style Guide, this is a potentially useful source of strong opinions and best practices on laying out SQL. (Is it just me who prefers the look of SQL in ALL CAPS though..?)

Matt Mazur

Studio 3T Makes SQL Migration to MongoDB, Powerfully Simple — Now you can import an entire SQL database to MongoDB using Studio 3T and its new SQL Migration feature.

Studio 3T sponsor

People You May Know: How LinkedIn Can Make Fast Social Recommendations based on Massive Data — LinkedIn has a ‘People You May Know’ system for connecting people together. This talk digs into the practicalities of how it works at the data level.


How Fast Can A Single Instance of Redis Be? — The developers of KeyDB, a multi-threaded fork of the Redis data structure store, attempt to demonstrate the performance gains their approach to scaling can deliver.

EQ Alpha

Timescale Unveils Timescale Cloud: A Managed Time-Series Database ServiceTimescaleDB is an open source Postgres extension for working with time-series data at scale that’s now also part of the first managed multi-cloud time-series database system.

Jeff Sposetti and Ajay Kulkarni

BigCache 2.0: An Efficient Cache for Gigabytes of Data — A concurrent, evicting in-memory cache built in Go. There’s an HTTP server package available too if you want to make it available as a service.

Allegro Tech


💻 Jobs

Wanted: Curious Developers with ❤️ — Stagnating? Check C5 out: New projects, tech, and challenges perfectly paired with kind and brilliant people in SF, LA, NYC, CHA.

Carbon Five

Land a New Dev Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📒 Tutorials and Stories

Rethinking the Database Materialized View as an Index — By utilizing the properties of time-series data, can we make the maintenance of materialized views efficient enough so they act like indexes?

Matvey Arye

A Minimalist Guide to Lossless Compression — A brief history of lossless compression followed by a brief look at its use in a Hadoop scenario.

Mark Litwintschik

Spin Up a GoCD Continuous Delivery Server in Less Than 5 Minutes — Use new GoCD test drive to see how to solve your CI/CD challenges with our first class pipelines, visualizations, and more.

GoCD sponsor

Linear Interpolation with SQL — A practical look at what you can do if you have a chronological data set with missing values. How can you find gaps and then how can you attempt to fill those gaps?

Philipp Wagner

OLTP vs OLAP: What's The Difference Between Them? — If you’ve ever been confused by these terms, this article keeps it simple.

Tiago Franco

▶  Bringing Scalable Real-Time Analytics to the Enterprise — A 35 minute podcast interview with two guys from Rockset, a company working on low latency big data analytics.

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