#267 — August 16, 2019

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Database Weekly

MongoDB 4.2 Released — The popular document-oriented database takes another step forward with support for distributed ACID transactions, on-demand materialized views, wildcard indexes, and retryable reads and writes (for handling transient cluster failures). Client-side field-level encryption is also in beta.

Eliot Horowitz (MongoDB)

AWS Lake Formation Now Generally Available — Not got enough time to build a data warehouse..? Just throw your data into a ‘data lake’, basically a giant pit of all of your data which you can query at leisure. Lake Formation makes the process simpler if you’re using AWS.

Amazon Web Services

The DevOps Perspective on Database Coexistence — Whether you're in DevOps, development, or database administration, download the full SQL Migration whitepaper for free, from Studio 3T.

Studio 3T sponsor

'I Wasn’t Getting Hired As A Data Scientist. So I Sought Data On Who Is.' — If you’re a data analyst, why not solve your problems using data analysis? 😄I’m not sure how useful Hanif’s discoveries are, but it’s interesting to see so much detail on who data scientists are.

Hanif Samad

▶  Serving Deep Learning Models with RedisAI — A 45 minute chat with Pieter Cailliau, senior product manager at Redis Labs, about using Redis’s RedisAI module for working with tensor data types and deep learning models.

The Changelog podcast

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💻 Jobs

Lead Cloud Security Engineer — Make an impact as our first Security Engineer, focusing on driving innovation and best practices around our cloud security efforts.

Cockroach Labs

DB Developers Are in Demand on Vettery — Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.


📒 Everything else

How We Built a Logging Stack at Grab — Before the work outlined in this post, “performing a query for a string from the last three days was something only run before you went for a beverage.” I think we can all sympathize.. Elasticsearch to the rescue!

Daniel Kasen

Good Database Design Starts Here — Rules to follow when you start a new database project: usage, model selection, process and testing.

Jun Wu

An Overview of Server-Side Programming in PostgreSQL — If you just use PostgreSQL as a data store that your app interacts with, you might not realize just how powerful it is as a platform of its own with user defined types, SQL and PL/pgSQL functions and integration with other languages.


The Hidden Costs of Not Properly Managing Your Databases — See the true cost of downtime to your business, the potential losses that can incur without a well-configured database & infrastructure setup.

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Gaining Code Execution with a Malicious SQLite Database — A demonstration of “a couple of real-world scenarios: pwning a password stealer backend server, and achieving iOS persistency with higher privileges.”

Check Point Research

How a Scalable SQL Database Powers Real-Time Analytics at Uber — James Burkhart of Uber explains how MemSQL (a distributed, in-memory, SQL RDBMS) has helped solve latency issues at a critical point in Uber’s growth.


Building a Real-Time Anomaly Detection System for Time Series at Pinterest

Kevin Chen and Brian Overstreet (Pinterest)

Is Python Strangling R to Death? — The R language is targeted at the statistical computing and data analysis space, but despite a recent burst of popularity, it’s already being called “a dying language” thanks to Python’s ever increasing domination.

Alex Woodie

sqltop: Find The Most Resource Consuming SQL Server Queries — Use sqlmon to collect and store SQL Server event data in Elasticsearch, then use this for the analysis.

Soheil Rashidi