#268 — August 23, 2019

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Database Weekly

Lesson Learned from Queries over 1.3 Trillion Rows of Data Within Milliseconds — No big releases, so we’re leading with a detailed, technical case study this week 😄 Zhihu is China’s largest question and answer site (think Quora) with over 220 million users. This post digs into how they use TiDB to keep things running at a low latency at scale.

Xiaoguang Sun

DigitalOcean Introduces Managed MySQL and Redis Services — Earlier this year we wrote about DigitalOcean’s steps into offering a managed PostgreSQL service, now they’ve introduced MySQL and Redis to the family too.

André Bearfield

5 Decisions to Make When Moving Oracle Workloads to the Cloud — This tech guide covers five key decisions you’ll need to make to navigate your choices and enable your success. Download now.

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Startup Rockset Adds SQL to DynamoDB — Rockset, the serverless search and analytics startup, has unveiled a SQL platform targeting AWS’s typically NoSQL DynamoDB.


Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 11 (Beta) Now Available — Percona, perhaps more historically known for its MySQL performance expertise, is now in the Postgres world too. This Percona-flavored distribution of Postgres 11 includes a variety of tools and extensions to make Postgres more powerful and scaleable.

Borys Belinsky (Percona)

Couchbase Mobile: NoSQL, but 'On The Edge' — Couchbase is a distributed NoSQL database which originally brought together ideas from both CouchDB and memcached. Couchbase Mobile takes things a step further by enabling Couchbase to run directly on end users’ devices and sync against the master database in the cloud as and when appropriate.

Rob Hedgpeth

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💻 Jobs

Lead Security Engineer — Make an impact as our first Security Engineer, focusing on driving innovation & best practices around our cloud security efforts.

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DB developers are in demand on Vettery — Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers.


📒 Everything else

Understanding Apache Arrow Flight — Arrow Flight is a high-performance wire protocol for large-volume data transfer for analytics built for modern data transfer requirements (including security, parallelism and platform independence). It uses gRPC and HTTP/2 under the hood.

Lucio Daza

How to Add IF-ELSE Logic to SQL Queries — An introduction to CASE.

Helen Anderson

Pagination with Relative Cursors — Using SQL’s OFFSET for ‘paging’ through a large set of replies can become inefficient at scale. One solution is relative cursor pagination because it remembers where you were and continues from that point onwards instead.

Shopify Engineering

Test Drive GoCD’s CI/CD Pipelines in Minutes — Use our new test drive to quickly see how GoCD helps solve your CI/CD challenges with our first class pipelines, visualizations, and more.

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MySQL Load Balancing with ProxySQL on AWS Aurora — An introduction to using ProxySQL, an open source MySQL proxy, to balance the load of an Aurora database.

Krzysztof Ksiazek

Data Engineering at Badoo: Handling 20 Billion Events Per Day — Badoo is an online dating network who are using Protobuf, Exasol, Spark, and CubeDB across their stack. There’s also a 20 minute talk you can watch.


SuperSQLite: A 'Supercharged' SQLite Library for Python — Offers unique features like remote streaming over HTTP and bundling of extensions like JSON, R-Trees (geospatial indexing), and Full Text Search


kvrocks: A RocksDB-Based, Redis-Compatible Key-Value Database — A new open source data store written in C++ that supports namespacing, MySQL-esque replication, but aims to use SSD disks as the backend storage to increase capacity (versus Redis’s memory-oriented approach).


pgcmd: A Non-Interactive PostgreSQL Querying CLI Tool — Essentially it lets you connect to a Postgres database, issue a query, and get the result back in JSON-format.

Soheil Rashidi