#269 — August 30, 2019

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Database Weekly

What Happened to Hadoop — Hadoop was often called ‘the next big thing’ in enterprise IT, until it wasn’t. A former write for Gigaom takes a high level look at the trends that pushed Hadoop out of the spotlight.

Derrick Harris

The Difference Between Isolation Levels and Consistency Levels — Isolation and consistency are important concepts in multi-user transactional databases that allow concurrent operations, but database vendors describe their level of support for these concepts in a variety of ways..

Daniel Abadi

Because Your Data Is Your Business — PGX provides complete PostgreSQL support, from emergency services through daily operational support, to strategic planning. We’re here for your data ops.

PostgreSQL Experts, Inc. sponsor

How Timescale is Building a Distributed Time-Series Database on Top of PostgreSQLTimescaleDB is a popular extension that brings time-series database features to Postgres. Here, Timescale share their design, plans, and benchmarks for a new (and still in closed beta) distributed version of TimescaleDB.

Mike Freedman and Erik Nordström (Timescale)

This Summer's New BigQuery Features — The latest updates for Google Cloud’s BigQuery data warehouse include a 10x streaming quota increase, automatic re-clustering, and importing TensorFlow models for making batch predictions upon BigQuery table data.

Google Cloud Blog

Amazon Forecast: Now Generally Available — This fully managed time-series forecasting service claims to deliver highly accurate forecasts with no machine learning experience.

Amazon Web Services

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Lead Security Engineer — Make an impact as our first Security Engineer, focusing on driving innovation & best practices around our cloud security efforts.

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DB developers are in demand on Vettery — Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers.


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SirixDB: Concepts of an Evolutionary, Temporal Database System — A detailed description of the architectural concepts of SirixDB, a log-structured temporal NoSQL document store.

Johannes Lichtenberger

▶  Discussing Time Series Databases with Rob Skillington — A time series database is optimized for the storage of high volumes of sequential data across time. Uber’s Rob Skillington talks about their use cases and about M3DB, a distributed time series database he helped create.

Software Engineering Daily podcast

MongoDB Atlas is a Powerful and Reliable Cloud Database. Try Now

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Enterprise Search in 2020 and Beyond: 5 Trends to Watch — Apparently enterprise search has remained ‘stuck in the 90s’ but 2020 will be the ‘year of enterprise search’ as AI and natural language approaches take hold.


Row Level Security, Views and a Lot of Magic in PostgreSQL — Row Level Security (RLS) is a key PostgreSQL feature that lets you define granular policies on which rows specific users can view or manipulate. Here’s a look at how they work and a problem Cybertec discovered with the feature.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Dqlite: High-Availability SQLite with Raft Consensus — From the company behind Ubuntu is an ‘enterprise grade’ version of SQLite aimed at edge and IoT applications.

Canonical Ltd.

SQLiteWrapper: An Extensible and Lightweight C++17 Wrapper for SQLite

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