#273 — September 27, 2019

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Database Weekly

Comparing Database Types: How Database Types Evolved to Meet Different Needs — NoSQL, relational, NewSQL, graph, and more.. Many types of databases exist, each with their own benefits. This post compares different approaches and what makes each one tick.

Justin Ellingwood

Advanced SQL: A Look at Window Frames — A deep dive into advanced uses of window functions (an earlier article covers those, if you need it). Window frames are an SQL feature (in which Postgres is leading in support) that take window functions to a deeper level to perform complex and selective aggregations. Some great examples in here and a must read.

Michal Konarski

MongoDB Atlas Is a Powerful and Reliable Cloud Database. Try Now — Cloud-hosted MongoDB service on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Deploy, operate, and scale a MongoDB database in just a few clicks.

MongoDB Atlas sponsor

Hacker News Discusses.. PostgreSQL or MySQL? — There’s little more that can provoke a discussion on Hacker News than asking readers to choose between two technologies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Postgres seems to be strongly preferred.

Hacker News

Building a Relational Database Using Kafka? — Kafka is best known for its stream processing and data pipeline management capabilities, but if it’s possible to build a key/value store with it, you can go a step further and create a relational database too. An interesting experiment!

Robert Yokota

Quick bytes:

💻 Jobs

Find a DB job through Vettery — Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers.


📒 Everything else

SQLTools: Database Tools for VS Code Users — Supports various database types (e.g. Redshift, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, and Cassandra support has also just been added) and offers a connection explorer, query runner, IntelliSense, bookmarks, query history, etc.

Visual Studio Marketplace

▶  A Look at Dgraph: The Graph Database Written in Go — Did you know that Francesc Campoy (of JustForFunc fame) now works at Dgraph on their Go-powered graph database? I didn’t, but it’s great to see him in a new video.

Francesc Campoy

Monitoring & Alerting in InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 — We’re trying to make learning from your data easy, and in that spirit, we’re going to walk through setting up alerts and notifications in InfluxDB Cloud 2.0.

InfluxData sponsor

Comparing Distributed SQL Performance: Yugabyte vs. Aurora PostgreSQL vs. CockroachDB — You should, by now, know to look at benchmarks with a skeptical and trained eye, of course 😄 though in this case, it’s nice to see a competing service actually being recommended for many use cases.


A Look at Graph Fundamentals: RDF — Graph databases are on the rise, but amid all the hype it can be hard to understand the differences under the hood. This first in a series post starts with RDF, a set of specs for describing ‘resources’.

Kevin Feeney

A Briefing about SQLite for Linux Hackers — I’m filing this in the ‘interesting’ folder. It’s a short document that summarizes some of the technical aspects of SQLite for Linux kernel developers.

D. Richard Hipp

How to Switch an Existing Azure SQL Database From Provisioned Compute to Serverless — Azure’s SQL Database service has a ‘serverless’ compute tier that scales and bills based on workload demand and computing power used.

Channel 9

SQL Exercises to Test Your Knowledge of Window Functions — This is basically a prototype of an interesting idea for practicing SQL in the browser.