#274 — October 4, 2019

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Database Weekly

📊 PDF More Than a Query Language: SQL in the 21st Century — It’s rare we’d include an item that’s both a PDF and a slide deck as a featured item, but when it’s Markus Winand going deep on SQL’s history and developments in 21st century versions of the SQL spec, it’s a must see 😄

Markus Winand

PostgreSQL 12 Released — Only a year on from Postgres 11 comes version 12, another strong step forward for the popular relational database. Key enhancements include SQL/JSON support, generated columns, and significant performance improvements (particularly with indexes and partitioned tables). BTW, if you’re a Postgres user, be sure to subscribe to our Postgres newsletter.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

What is Time-Series Data? And Do I Need a Time-Series Database? — What the heck is time-series data, when should I use it, and what is the most effective way to store it? Find out during the webinar on 10/17 and decide if a time-series database is the right fit for you.

Timescale sponsor

How Sqreen Handles 50,000 Req/Min Minute in a Write-Heavy Environment — Sqreen is an application security management service and here’s how they handle the load. MongoDB, DynamoDB, memcached, and Redis all play a key role.

Benoit Larroque

Kafka Spawns Open-Source KarelDB — Apache Kafka and its accompanying key-value store are being used to provide persistent storage for a growing list of relational databases. KarelDB is a new such entrant and uses the Apache Calcite SQL parser to support ANSI SQL.

George Leopold

Kafka Transforming Into 'Event Streaming Database' — And rapidly following on from the previous item.. “Don’t look now, but Kafka is transforming into a database. That’s the new direction the popular event streaming platform is headed..”

Alex Woodie

SQL Queries Don't Start with SELECT — The various elements that make up a complex SQL query don’t run sequentially in the order they’re presented.

Julia Evans

💻 Jobs

DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — Work with the world's leading brands, from anywhere. Travel the world while being part of the most energizing community of developers.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📒 Everything else

Database Deep Dives: A Chat with FaunaDB's Creator — An interview with Fauna’s CEO, Evan Weaver, on why you might pick a global, serverless database like Fauna and the details of handling consensus.

Josh Mintz (IBM)

A Quick Guide to Redis Lua Scripting — Redis is a popular in-memory data structure store and can be scripted using Lua. Here’s how.

Andrei Chernikov

Microsoft's New Free SQL Server 2019 Training MaterialsSQL Server 2019 Ground to Cloud covers, unsurprisingly, how to get started with SQL Server whether on-prem or on Azure. There’s also a 219 page PDF you can download and work through.

Brent Ozar

Try Studio 3T: The best way to get started with MongoDB — Code translation in a click? Easy SQL to MongoDB Migration? We’ve got it - and more. Get your 30-day trial today to see.

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📊  A Slidedeck Introduction to NoSQL Databases — We always prefer a full talk, of course, but these slides are pretty well put together and cover a variety of concepts including ACID, BASE, Redis, MongoDB, and graph databases.


How Much Faster is Redis at Storing a Blob of JSON Compared to Postgres? — If you’re familiar with Redis, the in-memory data structure store, it won’t surprise you that’s it’s fast(!) but the use cases and pros and cons between Redis and Postgres are hugely different too.

Peter Bengtsson

MongoDB Compass, MongoDB's GUI Tool, is Becoming More Open — MongoDB’s own Compass is being opened up under the Server Side Public License making it free for all users. GitHub repo.

Massimiliano Marcon (MongoDB)