#278 — November 1, 2019

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Database Weekly

Microsoft Access: The Database Software That Won’t Die — Access was the first mass-market database program for Windows and it’s become core to the business processes in hundreds of thousands of companies. We rarely cover it here, but it remains an important part of the database space.

Matthew MacDonald

A Guide to SQL Naming Conventions — There isn’t usually a single, ‘correct’ way to name or address things in SQL, but there are conventions you can follow to make life easier for yourself and developers who follow you.

Lukas Eder

Could Studio 3T Be the Solution for Your MongoDB Databases? — Studio 3T offers four ways to query MongoDB, instant code translations, and the easiest way to migrate SQL to MongoDB (and back again). It’s perfect for both new and seasoned MongoDB users. Download the free 30-day trial today.

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How To SELECT ... FOR UPDATE Inside MongoDB Transactions — No, SQL hasn’t suddenly appeared in MongoDB, but with its relatively new transactions support, you can replicate the SELECT ... FOR UPDATE experience you might be more familiar with in relational databases. (Via our MongoDB newsletter.)

Renato Riccio

A Beginner's Guide to Database Deadlocks — Learn how deadlocks occur in a relational database system, and how Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MySQL recover from a deadlock situation.

Vlad Mihalcea

Amazon ElastiCache Now Supports Online Data Migration From Redis on Amazon EC2 — If you’re running Redis on your own EC2 instances, this is an interesting development as it makes it possible to migrate that data into ElastiCache, AWS’s managed Redis service.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

💻 Jobs

DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — Work with the world's leading brands, from anywhere. Travel the world while being part of the most energizing community of developers.


Have You Tried Vettery? — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📒 Everything else

Fine Tuning Full Text Search with PostgreSQL 12 — A fun and detailed walk through of making the results of a full text search scenario in Postgres more relevant via a variety of tweaks and considerations.

Rob Conery

An SQL Injection Tutorial for Beginners — This is not a tutorial for you to follow but more a look at what hackers will attempt to do to your systems, if you let them. The techniques used are sneaky and interesting.


Building Columnar Compression in a Row-Oriented Database — How Timescale has achieved 91%-96% compression in the latest version of their TimescaleDB time-series data extension for Postgres.


The Machine Data Intelligence Market Heats Up — The rise of connected devices and the flood of unstructured data they churn out is spurring the introduction of new machine data intelligence platforms.


▶  What's Happening with Firebird Going From v4 to v5 — The audio is really bad but we don’t see much about Firebird (an open source database originally forked from Borland’s InterBase) so if you’re interested..

Firebird Conference 2019

A Comparison of Popular Browser Automation Tools

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Managing Delivery Networks: A Use Case For Graph Databases — A look at how a South African e-commerce platform uses a graph database to model and estimate delivery times.

Filipe Peliz Pinto Teixeira

SQLite Is Really Easy to Compile

Julia Evans

Radish: A Cross-Platform Desktop Client for Redis — It’s intended to be a commercial product but is in free trial mode during its development.


MeiliDB: A Full-Text Search Database Based on the LMDB Key-Value Store — Built in Rust, MeiliDB is a new take on the space occupied by Elasticsearch: full-text search. It’s built on top of LMDB and already offers numerous features like different (and custom) ranking criteria, filtering, tokenization, etc. A binary distribution and an HTTP server are in the pipeline.