#279 — November 8, 2019

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Database Weekly

Neo4j Introduces Aura, Its New Cloud Graph Database Service — Neo4j, a popular (and open source) graph database, has introduced a new managed cloud service called Aura initially aimed at smaller companies looking to get started with graph databases but who don’t want to self-host.


SQL Server 2019 Now Generally Available — The newest major version of SQL Server is here. A focus has been placed on security with extended ‘always encrypted’ support, the T-SQL language has been extended (particularly in regards to communicating with other, third party databases), and ‘Intelligent Query Processing’ provides new ways to optimize queries for performance.


Reduce Your Database Footprint & Save Money with Compression — Want to store your time-series data in an efficient and cost-effective way? TimescaleDB’s new compression capabilities can boost storage savings up to 96%. Learn more from the blog or register for the webinar (11/14).

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An Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB for Cassandra Developers — A look at how you’d achieve some basic Cassandra operations on DynamoDB (Amazon’s fully managed, multi-master NoSQL database) by using AWS CLI.

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SQLite To Implement Generated Columns? — Generated columns just came to PostgreSQL 12 and now SQLite has a draft design document covering a similar feature which appears to be getting implemented in the next version: 3.31.0.


TiDB in the Browser: Running a Go-Based Database on WebAssembly — An interesting demo. If a database like TiDB written in Go can run in the browser, what about other complex Go apps or other database systems? SQLite is another database that is easily compiled to WebAssembly.

Queeny Jin

PostgreSQL 12 Initial Query Performance Impressions — Postgres 12 came out just a month ago with a variety of features and performance improvements, but how does it really perform in a stress test? It’s a mixed bag with no obvious conclusions to draw.

Kaarel Moppel

💻 Jobs

Calling All MySQL Consultants - Work Remotely from Anywhere — At Percona you'll get a chance to see and work on any database architecture imaginable. We're looking for MySQL experts.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📒 Everything else

Chaos Order: Randomizing Queries to Uncover Order-Dependency“Core SQL Server architect, Conor Cunningham equates depending on query order without an ORDER BY clause to driving a car without a seatbelt..”

Alex Baldwin

Making Mystery-Solving Easier with auto_explain — One of this developer’s clients had a performance issue after migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL. No fix seemed to work.. auto_explain to the rescue!

Richard Yen

Client-Side SQL Query Parsing with ANTLR — How a database company does basic ANTLR parsing in the browser to separate out SQL statements in a string.

Rahel Patel

eBook: Best Practices for Optimizing Postgres Query Performance — Learn how to get a 3x performance improvement on your Postgres database and 500x reduced data loaded from disk in this free pganalyze eBook.

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How to Build a Node Web App to Manage Azure Cosmos DB SQL API Data — How to use Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB to store and access data from an Express-based app hosted using the Web Apps feature of Microsoft’s Azure App Service.

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lungoDB: A MongoDB-Compatible Embeddable Database and Toolkit for Go(lang) — Imagine something like SQLite but MongoDB flavored and aimed at Go developers. There are numerous possible use cases, well outlined in the README here.

Joël Gähwiler