#288 — January 24, 2020

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Database Weekly

Discovering Millions of Datasets with Google Dataset Search — Google has now officially launched Dataset Search (no longer in beta) powered by an index of 25 million datasets, helping scientists, journalists, students, and other data geeks to find data to work with.


MongoDB Atlas Introduces GraphQL Support on Stitch — You can now interact with MongoDB through GraphQL directly in Stitch, MongoDB’s serverless platform, without the need for a backend web service.

Nicolas Raboy (MongoDB)

Unpacking Competitive Benchmarks: Yugabyte & CockroachDB — An analysis detailing performance of the two systems on a variety of benchmarks. It unpacks Yugabyte’s claims and shows the architectural differences between the two systems.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

SQLite 3.31.0 Released — I’m always delighted to see SQLite taking further steps forward as it powers so much of the world today (and often silently). 3.31.0’s big new feature is support for generated columns.


TerminusDB 1.1 Released — TerminusDB is a relatively new open source graph database designed for knowledge graph representation. It uses a strong schema for simplicity and adopts a delta-encoding approach to updates so data can be branched, merged, rolled back, etc. This paper explains more.

Luke Feeney

Five Methods For Database Obfuscation — There’s nothing like testing on true datasets but what if your dataset is full of private data? How can you create a dataset that’s ‘real’, shareable, but not a data protection liability?


Apache Flink Powers Cloudera's New Streaming Analytics Product — Cloudera’s new Cloudera Streaming Analytics (CSA) tool is aimed at processing large amounts of IoT and event data and is based on Apache Flink, a data stream computation system.


Tips on How to Get Your Database Conference Talk Selected — 16 tips from someone who was instrumental in choosing talks for this week’s PGDay SF conference. These tips will be useful for any future event IMHO.

Claire Giordano

All The Ways You Can Corrupt an SQLite Database File — Not deliberately, of course.. ;-)


Working With Spatial Data in Neo4j GraphQL in the Cloud

William Lyon

Advanced DB Automation & Monitoring with the New ClusterControl 1.7.5 — Full Lifecycle Database Management - Now featuring full support for PostgreSQL 12, MongoDB 4.2 & MySQL 8.

Severalnines sponsor

Chasing a Postgres Performance Issue (Twitter Thread) — A developer found that index-only scans on a database got 3x slower after running a newly optimized ETL process and set out to establish why.. an interesting case of chasing a performance issue.

Felix Geisendörfer on Twitter

query-pipe: Command-Line (ND)JSON Querying — A tool for filtering and transforming JSON from the command line using an SQL-like query language.


STADO: SQL TCPDump Analyzer Designed for Oracle — My ignorance of the Oracle ecosystem doesn’t help here but this seems like it could be valuable if you want to monitor or debug Oracle Database connections.

Kamil Stawiarski