#287 — January 17, 2020

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Database Weekly

NebulaGraph: A Distributed, Fast Graph Database — A distributed, open-source (Apache licensed) graph database featuring horizontal scalability and high availability. Built in C++ and has Go, Python and Java clients for now. GitHub repo.

vesoft inc

Four Data Sharding Strategies YugabyteDB Analyzed for Building a Distributed SQL Database — A distributed SQL database needs to automatically partition (or ‘shard’) its data across multiple nodes and there are different strategies to do this, each with their own pros and cons.

Karthik Ranganathan (YugaByte)

MongoDB-Powered Commerce Platform — Workarea is a next-generation open source enterprise-grade commerce platform powered by MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, and ElasticSearch. Check us out on GitHub.

Workarea sponsor

Can SELECT * Make a Query Go...Faster? — Most of the time, including as few columns as you need in SELECT queries is a good way to go, but one of Brent’s SQL Server-based clients encountered an edge case where SELECT * queries actually ran faster.

Brent Ozar

Two Edge Cases in Postgres's Full-Text Search — When using tsvectors and to_tsquery, there are some quirks that could trip you up.

Alexander Ivashkin and Igor Alexandrov

MongoDB 4.2 Now Available on the Atlas Free Tier — You can now try out the latest version of MongoDB on their fully managed service at no cost. And if you’re a MongoDB user, check out our MongoDB newsletter :-)

MongoDB, Inc.

💻 Jobs

MongoDB Consultant - Remote Americas — Work on projects with a wide variety of companies and on any database architecture you can imagine.


DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — Work with the world's leading brands, from anywhere. Travel the world while being part of the most energizing community of developers.


📒 Articles

▶  All The Basic Concepts That You Need to Know in Order to Use DynamoDB — This is a neat one stop shop for understanding DynamoDB for sure, although once you understand the basics, Advanced Design Patterns for DynamoDB is an amazing watch. I could feel my brain expanding just by watching it.

Foo Bar

A Simple Guide to Five Normal Forms in Relational Database Theory — This might be the first time we’ve linked something from 1982 but if you’ve heard terms like “Third Normal Form” being thrown around and wondered just what the different forms are, this is a reasonably easily understood demonstration.

William Kent

▶  Why Developers Love Postgres — A just released, high level talk about why Postgres is a great database, including a section about how a department at Chevron migrated from Oracle to Postgres.

Craig Kerstiens

Make 2020 The Year to Master MongoDB. Try Studio 3T Today — Generate driver code for JavaScript, Python, Ruby and more? Build queries fast with our drag & drop editor? Of course.

Studio 3T sponsor

▶  Innovations to Boost Productivity with Azure-Managed Postgres — One for anyone considering running Postgres (or MySQL or MariaDB) on Azure.

Sunil Kamath

Eight New SQL Tools That Will Change How You Work in 2020

Trevor Fox

Database Performance Tuning for MariaDB

Paul Namuag

🔨 Tools and Code

tbls: A CI-Friendly Tool for Documenting Databases — Document a database automatically in GitHub Friendly Markdown format. By default you get documentation covering columns, indexes, relations, and other schema details. Written in Go.

Ken’ichiro Oyama

SQLSite: A Tool for Serving Sites and JSON APIs Directly from a SQLite Database — Inspired by Datasette but requires you do a bit more work to define how data is exposed.

Jamie Matthews

RediSQL: Brings an Embedded SQLite Database into Redis — A Redis module that embeds a fully functional SQLite database. SQLite is compiled with its JSON1 extensions too which offers up some interesting possibilities. More docs here.


SapphireDb: A Self Hosted Realtime Database for .NET Core — A self-hosted Firebase or SignalR alternative for app that require realtime data synchronization.

Morris Janatzek