#286 — January 10, 2020

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Database Weekly

SQL, NoSQL, and Scale: How DynamoDB Scales Where Relational Databases Don't — It’s only a hunch, but I think we’re only going to see DynamoDB and some of its concepts continue to become more popular this decade. This interesting, lengthy article digs deep into scalability and how DynamoDB’s ‘restrictions’ (or tradeoffs) help avoid scaling problems.

Alex DeBrie

▶  Rust at Speed — Building A Fast Concurrent Database — This talk packed in a lot of interesting stuff both for people interested in Rust but also database systems in general and their implementation. Unsurprisingly it’s pretty technical but you’ll learn something here.

Jon Gjengset

ArangoDB Introduces OneShard Deployments — New release of the native multi-model database for graph, document and search introduces OneShard: Single instance performance and ACID semantics for HA deployments. The team also added vast performance upgrades and auto-complete capabilities.

ArangoDB sponsor

MySQL is DB-Engines' DBMS of the Year 2019 — Well I certainly didn’t see that coming, but DB-Engines saw MySQL gaining the most ‘popularity’ in its ranking system across 2019. Oracle is runner up. Hmm.

Matthias Gelbmann and Paul Andlinger

RDS's Price Premium over EC2 Can Be More Than You'd Expect — RDS is Amazon’s Relational Database Service which can provide a fully managed Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. service on AWS. The increasing price premium of RDS over EC2, however, surprised this developer.

Rick Branson

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📒 Articles

IPv4 to Host Lookups Quickly with ClickHouse and PostgreSQL — I imagine the number of people who need to do this is relatively small, but it’s an interesting problem and solution.

Mark Litwintschik

A Survey of SQL:2011 Temporal Features — A look at features available in MariaDB, IBM DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server for working with time periods and system-time tracking of changes made to databases. This slidedeck has more info if you’re new to this area.

Paul A. Jungwirth

MongoDB Unveils an Official Rust Driver — If you’re buying into the hype, Rust could be one of the fastest growing programming languages of the new decade.. so here’s how to use it with MongoDB.

Sam Rossi (MongoDB, Inc.)

Cloud Looms Large for Big Data in 2020


Sharing SQLite Databases Across Containers Is Surprisingly Brilliant

Rick Branson

🔨 Tools and Code

Dynobase: A Professional GUI Client for DynamoDB — Build DynamoDB queries fast, generate instant code, use bookmarks & more. For Mac, Windows and Linux. It’s free but there’s a paid version with more features.

Rafal Wilinski

Introducing Automated Postgres EXPLAIN Plan Insights on pganalyze — pganalyze now can automatically collect Postgres EXPLAIN plans and provide a visual representation of your costliest plan nodes.

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Message DB: An Event Store and Message Store for Postgres — Aimed at pub/sub, event sourcing and evented microservices use cases, Message DB can help you take advantage of the benefits of evented architecture but without going all the way to something like Apache Kafka.

Eventide Project

RQLite 5.0 Released — RQLite is a SQLite-based distributed relational database that uses Hashicorp’s Raft implementation.

Philip O'Toole

dynocsv: Export DynamoDB Tables Into CSV

Aliaksandr Kazlou