#298 — April 3, 2020

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Unfortunately no big news for you this week – we think we're going to see more of this as people's productivity remains a little dented to the world situation. Nonetheless, we have some neat articles for you and appreciate you sticking with us 🙂

Database Weekly

Hackers Have Wiped and Defaced More Than 15,000 Elasticsearch Servers — We’ve seen many stories over the years of remotely accessible databases being targeted en masse by hackers and now it’s Elasticsearch’s turn. A reminder, if you needed one, to audit your databases and overall security situation.

Catalin Cimpanu (ZDNet)

Running 'Redis' on NVMe with ScyllaDB?Redis is a popular in-memory data structure server but ScyllaDB has implemented (very) basic Redis protocol/command support enabling it to be used in a similar way. How does the initial performance compare with the real thing?

Siddharth Choudhuri

The Perfect Partner to MongoDB Atlas. Try It for Free — Studio 3T is the toolkit you need to perform queries fast and efficiently. Schedule recurring tasks, export with ease, and translate code instantly. Save hours a week with our GUI and unlock the power of MongoDB Atlas.

Studio 3T sponsor

GridDB Hits 5 Million Writes Per Second and 60 Million Reads Per Second with 20 NodesGridDB is a scalable, in-memory NoSQL time series database from Toshiba aimed at the IoT world, and to prove just how scalable, they’ve run it across 20 nodes on Google Cloud Platform and hit some huge throughput figures.


Importing Spatial Data to PostGIS on PostgreSQL — A nice accessible introduction to working with spatial data.

Topi Tjukanov

A Tale About Migrating a PostgreSQL Database Between Providers — A story from the folks at Percona about migrating a production Postgres database between two DBaaS platforms by using an intermediate server.

Fernando Laudares Camargos

5 Ways the Role of the Database Administrator Has Changed

Joseph Christianson

How Container Networking Affects Database Performance — Networking has an outsized impact on database performance in most Kubernetes environments and Percona set out to run some benchmarks measuring database throughput vs network bandwidth using numerous Kubernetes container networking plugins.

Tyler Duzan (Percona)

▶  Streaming Music to Livestreamers — Learn about Pretzel Rocks, a service built to provide stream-safe music for livestreamers.

Heroku podcastsponsor

Building a Scalable Product Recommender with Keras, Docker, GCP, and GKEPair is a curious app that takes a product image, analyzes its design features, then recommends other products with similar stylistic elements.

Mike (Yuan Hung) Lo

awesome-mongodb: A Curated List of Awesome MongoDB Resources, Libraries, Tools and Applications — We’ve shared this before, but it is still seeing occasional updates, and remains a decent resource for MongoDB users of all types.

Guillaume Gelin

Secor: Persist Kafka Logs to S3, GCS, Azure, or Openstack Swift


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