#299 — April 10, 2020

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Hi folks, we're taking things a little easier this week as we're celebrating Easter Friday here in the UK. If you celebrate Easter, we hope you're having a good one 🙂
— Peter & the Cooperpress team

Database Weekly

TiDB 4.0: A Peek into the Future of Databases? — Everyone who’s building a database system thinks their approach is the future and PingCAP are no different proclaiming their TiDB 4.0 release candidate as “the prototype of what the future database looks like.” The core idea is that databases will continue to get more ‘intelligent’ in scaling, scheduling and adapting to unpredictable workloads.

Ed Huang (PingCAP)

QuestDB: Using SIMD to Aggregate Billions of Rows Per Second — QuestDB is a performance-focused, open-source time-series database that uses SQL. It uses SIMD instructions, vectorizations and parallel execution to achieve pretty compelling performance figures. GitHub repo.

Tancrede Collard

Collect and Visualize Database Performance Metrics in Real Time — Easily identify slow-running queries, bottlenecks, and other database errors using granular analytics provided in Datadog. Correlate logs with related traces and metrics for fast troubleshooting. Try Datadog free today.

Datadog sponsor

The Ten Rules for Data Modeling with DynamoDB — Amazon’s DynamoDB is one of the most fastest-growing databases right now, given how well it fits in with other AWS services (especially AWS Lambda). This post looks at how to use it properly.

Alex DeBrie

RedisGraph 2.0: Graph Technology on Top of Redis — A Redis module that adds graph database functionality to the popular data structure server. The version adds increased Cypher support, full-text search, and graph visualization.

Pieter Cailliau and Alex Milowski

10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL — Just a few weeks ago people said that ‘Postgres is the world’s best database’ but here Rick reminds us that no software is perfect and that even Postgres has flaws 🤭

Rick Branson

Dataviz and the 20th Anniversary of R, an Interview With Hadley Wickham — Catching up with the prominent R community member and creator of ggplot and tidyr about community, Tidyverse, and what’s in store for R over the next 20 years.

Will Chase

How to Boost Productivity of Your Data Teams with Documentation — Current situation forced many data teams to start working remotely. Learn how to make it easier with documentation.

Dataedo webinarsponsor

The Many Flavors of the Arcane SQL MERGE Statement — Lukas really sells this one: “The SQL MERGE statement is a device whose mystery is only exceeded by its power.” Many SQL systems support MERGE at varying levels though, notably, not Postgres or MySQL.

Lukas Eder

Comparing MongoDB vs PostgreSQL over JOINs — An analysis of structuring data in both MongoDB’s NoSQL world and Postgres’s relational world to model a classical employee-department data model. It’s a little apples and oranges but makes some reasonable points and when something has a Turing Award winner’s name on it, it’s a must read.

Michael Stonebraker and Álvaro Hernández

Why You (Probably) Don't Need PostGIS — PostGIS is a popular and very powerful set of geospatial extensions for PostgreSQL but for many geospatial tasks it’s a bit like using “a very large cannon to shoot a tiny bird” and there are simpler alternatives.

Krzysztof Zych