#304 — May 15, 2020

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Database Weekly

Memgraph 1.0: An Enterprise-Ready In-Memory Graph Database — Now approaching 4 years old, Memgraph, a high performance in-memory graph database, has reached v1.0. It’s compatible with the Cypher query language and the Bolt protocol so you can use it from any language that has a Bolt driver. Does ‘enterprise-ready’ mean expensive? Not necessarily. It’s not open source but there is a free ‘community’ licensed version.

Memgraph Ltd

Understanding Cost Models — Query planners in database systems frequently use cost models to determine which algorithms to use for a given query by which have the lowest ‘cost’. This post looks at a little of what’s involved and gives what I think is a neat bit of insight into how TPC-H stresses the best of databases.

Justin Jaffray

Build Internal Tools in Hours, Not Days — Retool provides UI building blocks that connect to any DB and API. Hackable by design — you can use JavaScript anywhere and query JSON with SQL. See how engineers at companies like Doordash, Coinbase and Brex use Retool to quickly build tools.

Retool sponsor

Reinventing Enterprise Search: Amazon Kendra Now Generally Available — Two featured items with ‘enterprise’ in the title? Sorry 😂 However, Kendra is a new search service on AWS that uses machine learning to answer natural language queries from end users. There’s a free tier, but the pricing table is more complex than most AWS services, hence the ‘enterprise’ moniker 😏

Julien Simon (AWS)

Advanced SQL and Database Books and Resources — Once you’ve got a pretty good grasp of SQL, where can you head next to get a bit deeper into the weeds and become a true SQL expert? Neil has some ideas in video and book form.

Neil Sainsbury

immudb: A Lightweight, High-Speed Immutable Database — Data can’t be changed in this database so it’s well suited for storing every update to other databases for auditing purposes, perhaps, or maybe log streams or public certificates. Written in Go.


Comparing CQL and the DynamoDB API — A comparison of the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) with DynamoDB’s API, both of which are now supported in Scylla Open Source (we featured the release of Scylla 4.0 last week).

Nadav Har'El (Scylla)

How Network Latency Makes a Big Difference to Database Performance — Getting your queries as fast as possible is great, but network latency is important too. Hans-Jürgen demonstrates how to measure its impact in a situation with simulated latency.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

SQLite Helper Queries: Simplifying Queries with Common Table Expressions — If you didn’t know SQLite supports CTEs (in 3.8.3 and higher), this might be an eye opener.

Alec Strong

▶  Databases on Kubernetes: Why You Should Care — Now Kubernetes supports StatefulSets and CRDs, one of the next logical steps is to run databases on it..

Denis Rosa

Real-Time APIs Using SQL for MongoDB — Rockset’s indexing layer gives developers fast search, joins and aggregations on MongoDB data.

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Tuning MySQL/InnoDB Flushing for a Write-Intensive Workload

Yves Trudeau

Microsoft and Redis Labs Collaborate to Give Developers New Azure Cache for Redis Capabilities — A new partnership between Microsoft and Redis Labs to bring their industry-leading technology and expertise to Azure Cache for Redis.

Julia Liuson (Microsoft)

Introducing MongoDB for VS Code — MongoDB has rolled out an official extension that makes it easy to work with MongoDB directly from Visual Studio Code. You can navigate data, play in a MongoDB playground, and get quick access to the MongoDB shell.

MongoDB, Inc.

PostgreSQL 12.3, 11.8, 10.13, 9.6.18, and 9.5.22 Released — Fixes 75 bugs reported since the last mass release, but one key Windows-only security issue.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group