#307 — June 5, 2020

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Database Weekly

Running Awk in Parallel to Process 256M Records — To be fair, most of us do not have access to a 512-core system with 24 terabytes of RAM, but you don’t really need to at this scale. An interesting look at some Awk mastery at least from an engineer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


SQLite Turns 20 — SQLite has truly changed the face of software development and is the most deployed database in the world, despite not fitting the usual database mold. Amazingly, SQLite’s source repo tracks commits right back from the very first day (scroll to bottom).

Richard Hipp

Audit Every SQL Query — JackDB is a modern database client with comprehensive audit logging and role-based access controls. Learn more about auditing database operations with JackDB.

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TerminusDB 2.0 Released: An Open Source Model Driven Knowledge Graph Database — TerminusDB is an in-memory graph database built around WOQL (the Web Object Query Language) – here’s an explanation of why it exists.


Links to 995 (and Counting) Interesting Datasets — A totally varied grab bag of delights from datasets of every death in Tarantino movies and cruise ship inspections to cricket scores and 7894 species of shells.

Data Is Plural

PrestoDB Hits Fork in the Road as Startup Gains Venture Funding — The Linux Foundation’s branch of the ecosystem for the PrestoDB SQL query engine is expanding with new member Ahana, which this week announced a seed funding round along with membership in the Presto Foundation.

George Leopold

⚡️ Quick bytes:

  • Did you know that the Utah Data Center is a large storage facility for exabytes of intelligence data out in the middle of nowhere?
  • Of course the NHS employs people to print out information from one database and type it into another..
  • Database Activity Streams for Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility are now available.

Drawing the Sierpiński Triangle with Recursive SQL and SVG — OK, this is pretty impressive: “In this post, I’ll present a surprisingly simple recursive CTE1 that implements an iterated function system for generating a variant of the Sierpiński triangle..” There’s a lot to enjoy here.

Noah Doersing

▶  The Worst Typo I Ever Made — Popular tech YouTuber Tom Scott shares his ‘stomach dropping’ story of how a typo wiped out an entire database of content. We’ve all been there are some time or another, but hopefully we all learn from the experience too 😁

Tom Scott

SQL Query Formatting Tools Used At Percona — Percona’s engineers often need to use SQL query formatting tools to analyze and review complex database queries, and here’s what they are using to do so.

Daniil Bazhenov

Keep Your MongoDB Healthy — Offload read-heavy workloads from MongoDB to a Rockset external index to keep your operational workloads running reliably.

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iOS Database Comparison: What Are The Differences? — Comparing SQLite, Core Data, Realm and Firebase for iOS app development.

Alexander Pentsov

▶  Prisma: Modern Database Tooling with Johannes Schickling — Jeff Meyerson is joined by the CEO of Prisma to talk about recent developments to the open-source database toolkit.

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