#308 — June 12, 2020

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Database Weekly

XgeneCloud: Instant REST and GraphQL APIs on any Database — Where ‘any’ is one of MySQL, Postgres, MsSQL, SQLite, or MariaDB :-) There’s quite a lot of pieces to this and they seem to be forming a company around the tech, but it’s open source nonetheless.


Announcing MongoDB 4.4 and MongoDB Cloud — At this week’s MongoDB.live event, MongoDB 4.4 was unveiled in beta along with MongoDB Cloud, basically a name covering all of MongoDB’s various cloud services with Atlas at the center. 4.4’s new features include mirrored reads to keep secondaries warm, hedged reads to improve query times on clusters, and aggregation enhancements.

Sahir Azam (MongoDB)

NoSQL Document Database Indexing — Both RavenDB and MongoDB are NoSQL document databases but they fundamentally differ in the way they are designed. On closer inspection, MongoDB is actually more similar in design to a relational database when it comes to the way it executes queries.

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A Jupyter Kernel for SQLiteJupyter is a set of data visualization and interactive coding tools most commonly associated with the Python world (but it works with many languages). It now has a fully functional interface with SQLite which opens up a lot of new datavis opportunities.

Mariana Meireles

Couchbase Raises $105M as it Readies Cloud Offering — There seems to be no stopping database companies raising money lately, with NoSQL vendor Couchbase the latest to plump up its war chest. What’s next for them? The Couchbase Cloud, which is expected to debut on AWS soon, promises to be ‘unlike other NoSQL offerings running on the public cloud’ so watch this space.


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DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — Join X-Team and work on projects for companies like Riot Games, FOX, Coinbase, and more. Work from anywhere.


📖 Stories and Tutorials

Cassandra's Counter Columns: Nice in Theory, Hazardous in Practice? — Apache Cassandra is trusted to work at huge scales but a series of incidents caused engineers at Ably to (temporarily) lose trust in their Cassandra installation. Here’s a cautionary tale of using counters at scale in production.

Paddy Byers (Ably)

Stream, Analyze, and Visualize Wi-Fi Data with Kafka and Friends — A real-life example of data streaming, storage, and system integration using Kafka and ksqlDB which you can then pair with Elastic, Neo4j, or MongoDB for analysis, visualizations, etc.

Robin Moffatt

🛠 Code and Tools

LinkedIn Open Sources Kube2Hadoop: Secure Access to HDFS from Kubernetes“To ensure secure HDFS access for AI workloads running on Kubernetes at LinkedIn, we built a Kubernetes-native solution: Kube2Hadoop.”

Gu, Shahab, Qiang and Hu (LinkedIn)

SQLancer: A Tool for Detecting Logic Bugs in Database Systems — Considered a ‘research prototype’ for now, SQLancer’s job is to stress a database system into returning inconsistent or illogical results. Written in Java, it supports several databases.

Manuel Rigger and Zhendong Su

Keep Your MongoDB Healthy — Offload read-heavy workloads from MongoDB to a Rockset external index to keep your operational workloads running reliably.

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Introducing the New MongoDB Shell — MongoDB has introduced the first beta of the new MongoDB Shell (mongosh), a shell designed to be extensible, to support all the new MongoDB platform features coming out, and embeddable, so it can be used in other tools such as VS Code.

Massimiliano Marcon (MongoDB)

Multi-Master Replication Solutions for Postgres — Horizontally scaling Postgres has been enough of a challenge over the years that entire companies (e.g. Citus Data) have been founded to make it easier. This post links to several approaches, whether open or closed source, free or paid.

Ibrar Ahmed (Percona)

ModJS: A JavaScript Module for KeyDB and Redis — This isn’t for using Redis (or the KeyDB fork) from JavaScript but for taking JavaScript into the popular data structure server in case you prefer JavaScript to Lua for scripting it.

John Sully