#309 — June 19, 2020

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Database Weekly

TiDB 4.0 Released: A Hybrid, Open Source HTAP Database — TiDB is an elastic, real-time Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) database built in Go(lang) that can act like a traditional relational database, a NoSQL database, or an analytical database all out of one box.


SQLite, Now REPLified Online — SQLite is now a supported language on Repl.it, a popular online coding tool/sandbox. You can try it out here. This could be a very handy way of sharing runnable SQL examples with others.

Sidney Kochman

MongoDB Is Easy. Now Make It Powerful. Free to Download — Studio 3T is the toolkit you need to perform queries fast and efficiently. Schedule recurring tasks, export with ease, and translate code instantly. Save hours a week with our GUI and unlock the power of MongoDB Atlas.

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HSBC Moves From 65 Relational Databases Into One Global MongoDB Database — HSBC Bank, one of the world’s leading financial institutions, is simplifying its data model by running its applications on MongoDB.

Derek du Preez

Apache Spark 3.0 Released — Spark is a popular open source, distributed computing framework most commonly focused on big data processing and analytics. The official release notes are here but I felt Databricks did a better roundup ;-)

Zaharia, Xin, Li, Fan, Huai

AWS Snowcone: A Small, Lightweight, Rugged, Edge Storage and Data Transfer Device — AWS has had a variety of Snow family devices for a while which allow for easier, more manageable migration of data into and out of AWS, including an entire truck of hard drives(!) and Snowcone is now the smallest and includes 8 terabytes of storage. US locations only for now.

Jeff Barr

A Jepsen Analysis of Postgres 12.3 — The name ‘Jepsen’ stirs emotions in any database server creator as their analyses of systems often reveal all sorts of edge cases and flaws. And so it goes with Postgres with a bug in serializable isolation being found.

Kyle Kingsbury

📖 Stories and Tutorials

Using SQLite as an Application File Format? — It’s not necessarily a bad idea and presents a good alternative to a custom file format in many scenarios.

SQLite Team

Hacker News Discusses 'Intriguing Databases' — I know a few hundred of you came to us via this HN comment thread (hi!) but it turned into a really good one with database users and creators galore discussing the merits of various newer, non-mainstream databases like TimescaleDB, TerminusDB, and Dolt.

Hacker News

Go from Zero to Grafana Hero 🌟 (5+ Tutorials) — Learn how to use interactive maps and gauges, alerts, variables & templates to customize Grafana for any project.

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Recent Database Technology That Should Be On Your Radar — The post that provoked the Hacker News discussion we linked above. Luc talks briefly about TileDB, Materialize and Prisma.

Luc Perkins

▶  Why DynamoDB is the Database of Choice for Serverless with Alex DeBrie — A 30 minute chat with Alex DeBrie, an AWS consultant who’s increasingly well known for his great DynamoDB articles (and book!)

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