#311 — July 3, 2020

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Database Weekly

Redis's Creator, Salvatore Sanfilippo, Steps Down — In the past ten years the Redis data structure and caching server has found itself at the heart of a lot of our stacks. Its creator, who has led the project almost single handed since its creation, is now stepping down and talks about his preference for building new things versus being a maintainer. Redis is, however, being placed in good hands.

Salvatore Sanfilippo

Amazon RDS Proxy Now Generally Available — RDS Proxy is a fully managed database proxy for AWS's RDS database platform and likely to be of particular interest when building apps with large numbers of database connections (such as in a serverless context). The pricing model is an hourly fee per vCPU on the database instances.

Channy Yun (AWS)

CockroachDB: Survive & Thrive. It's in Our DNA — Build apps with the elastic scalability and resilience of NoSQL and the familiarity and integrity of SQL. Get started with CockroachDB for free.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

FaunaDB Creators Raise $27M, Change Leadership — Cloud database FaunaDB is becoming quite popular in the serverless space (or ‘client-serverless’ as they call it) so it’s nice to see them grow.


Bitnine Looks to Scale PostgreSQL with AGEAgensGraph is a transactional graph database built on Postgres but has now morphed into a new project called AGE and is being incubated by Apache.


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DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


📄 Articles, Opinions, and Tools

Calculating Differences Between Rows in SQL — If you have lots of rows that represent changing values (such as time series data, say) being able to calculate the differences between the values over time could be useful, here are some approaches.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

▶  Discussing DynamoDB with Alex DeBrie — Just two weeks ago, Alex was chatting with Corey Quinn and now he’s on Software Engineering Daily spreading more useful knowledge about AWS’s managed NoSQL database system.

Software Engineering Daily podcast

How to Move from SQL to Distributed SQL — Scale your database across servers and clouds, while keeping your SQL and your schema. Here’s how: distributed SQL.

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An Overview of the New DBaaS from MariaDB: SkySQL — MariDB SkySQL is a new DBaaS launched by MariaDB for the users to easily deploy their enterprise edition to the cloud.

Paul Namuag

A (Not So) Brief But (Very) Accurate History of PL/SQL — A neat story we meant to link to several weeks ago but it’s just come up on our radar again :-)

Jonah H. Harris (NEXTGRES)

Why Use AWS Lambda for Data Science? — Serverless is a reasonably good fit for certain types of data science and analytics tasks.

Dave Parr

'Serverless Redis' Unveils a Terraform Provider — A lot of projects get released and fade away, but Serverless Redis, a ‘run Redis without thinking about the servers’ service is continuing to push ahead.

Rafael Nunes

Trubka: A CLI Tool for Working with Kafka — A very cute gopher logo on this one :-)

Alex Xitonix