#312 — July 10, 2020

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Database Weekly

SQLPad 5.0: A Web-Based SQL Editor to Run In Your Private Cloud — Built in JavaScript but available to run via a Docker image, this elegant SQL query runner and visualizer supports MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Presto, SAP HANA, Cassandra, SQLite and more.

Rick Bergfalk

Data Prep Still Dominates Data Scientists’ Time, Survey Finds“Data scientists spend about 45% of their time on data preparation tasks” allegedly. I think there’s still a lot of opportunity to build and grow new data preparation systems as it’s an often overlooked area.

Alex Woodie

RavenDB 5.0 Brings Time Series Support — The newest major release of the NoSQL document database features first-class support for time series data (think IoT or operations reporting). Other new features include scheduled document refreshing, database compression, and load-balanced writes.

RavenDB sponsor

A Redis Core Team Update — Last week we shared the news that Redis’s creator and long-time maintainer, Salvatore Sanfilippo was stepping back, and now we get to learn a little more about who’s taking over.

Yossi Gottlieb & Oran Agra (Redis Labs)

Race Conditions/Concurrency Defects in Databases Illustrated — An illustrated look at concurrency, transactions, and some of the race conditions that can occur.

Ketan Bhatt

Why You Should Build Your Next App with a GraphQL Database — While GraphQL doesn’t have to be used with graph databases, this is really trying to sell you on using graph databases and why to prefer GraphQL to, say, Cypher. Of course, this is because Dgraph is a GraphQL-based graph database, but you may still find the case compelling.

Michael Compton (Dgraph)

The Myth of NoSQL (vs. RDBMS) – "Joins Don't Scale?" — Joins can scale just fine, and Franck runs some experiments to prove it. However, the comments are also valuable here as things are more complicated than the author initially assumes.

Franck Pachot

The Battle of the NoSQL Databases: Comparing MongoDB and CouchDB

Mani Yangkatisal

How Storj Migrated from Postgres to CockroachDB: Bulk Loading Performance

Jessica Grebenschikov

Build PostgreSQL Applications Faster and Easier Than Ever with CYPEX — CYPEX is a user-friendly, low code tool to quickly build applications and forms with PostgreSQL at its core.

CYBERTEC sponsor

RediSearch: A Redis Powered Search EngineRedis is a fantastic store and cache and its modular nature lets it be expanded in all sorts of ways, such as into a search engine, as here.

Redis Labs

Noisia: A 'Harmful Workload Generator' for Postgres — Creates things like deadlocks, transactions that do nothing, and queries that produce on-disk temporary files. Why? For testing, stress-testing your setup, etc. Use carefully and with caution.

Lesovsky Alexey

GhostDB: A Distributed, In-Memory, General Purpose Key-Value Data Store — It’s early days for this university project-turned-database and it has some similarities to Redis, but it’s written in Go which is neat, naturally.

Jake Grogan