#318 — August 21, 2020

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Database Weekly

Make it Automatic: A Future of Tuning SQL with AI? — Most DBAs, as well as developers, do database and SQL query performance tuning manually, whether by intuition or based on the results of tooling and benchmarks. But what if AI could pick up some of the workload? No tech here, just high level thoughts on the potential.

John Pocknell

SQLite 3.33.0 Released — The world’s most heavily used database engine takes another step forward with support for database of up to 281 terabytes in size, CLI enhancements, query planner improvements, and support for UPDATE FROM aiming to be compatible with PostgreSQL.

SQLite Team

5 Ways to Manage PostgreSQL Deployment More Efficiently — This eBook explores five important tactics to help IT Managers and DBAs better manage PostgreSQL deployments and ultimately get the most out of Postgres. Take a look.

EDB sponsor

Azure Cosmos DB Serverless Now in Preview — Azure Cosmos DB Serverless is now available in preview on the Core (SQL) API, with support for the APIs for MongoDB, Gremlin (graph), Table, and Cassandra coming soon. ‘Serverless’ in this case refers to the consumption-based model adopted, as opposed to having to provision ‘request units per second’ as on standard Cosmos DB.

Micorsoft Azure

Using askgit to Query Git Repositories with SQLaskgit is a tool (written in Go) for running SQL queries against git repos and can be used to create reports, check things, analyze codebases, etc.

Will Schenk

How to Contact Google SRE: Dropping a Shell in Cloud SQL — The write-up of a now fixed vulnerability in Google Cloud SQL which let researchers gain shell access.. provoking a rapid response from a Google engineer in turn.


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⚙️  Database Systems and Tools

immudb: A Lightweight, High-Speed Immutable Database — An open source data that boasts no data mutation APIs at all and a ‘tamper-evident’ history system. It’s built in Go. GitHub repo.


DuckDB: An Embeddable SQL OLAP Database System — Built in C++, DuckDB bills itself (geddit?) as ‘SQLite for Analytics’ and has bindings for C/C++, Python, and R. The latest preview release adds full outer join support, a trim function, and extended regex options.

CWI Database Architectures Group

Kiba: An In-Memory, Multithreaded Key-Value Store Written in Rust — A Redis-alike written in Rust, an increasingly popular safety-first systems language being used for all sorts of experiments recently. I think we could see Rust being used heavily in the database implementation space in years to come. MeiliSearch is another more mature example.


Best-Practices on How to Speed Up Your Postgres Queries. Free eBook — Companies like Robinhood and Atlassian are able to speed up their queries by orders of magnitude. This eBook shares our best practices for optimizing Postgres performance.

pganalyze sponsor

GenomicSQLite: A Genomics Extension for SQLite — Adds features to the ubiquitous embedded RDBMS supporting applications in genome bioinformatics.

Mike Lin

JuliaDB: A Julia-Powered System for Working with Persistent Data SetsJulia is an interesting high performance (yet dynamically typed) language that compiles to native code via LLVM and JuliaDB fills the ‘void’ of storing and working with large multi-dimensional datasets in a Julia-style way quickly. GitHub repo.

Julia Computing, Inc.

Postgraphile: Quickly Get a GraphQL API for Your Postgres Database — Work on v5 of this popular Node.js tool is underway, but meanwhile we get a 4.8 release which supports ‘enum tables’ and all of Postgres’s built-in geometric types. If you want to offer a Postgres database up over a GraphQL-based API, it’s worth checking out.


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